Amid the chaos that is Nadja Suleman and the man formerly known as “her doctor” (once they find out who the hell s/he was) and Mom Logic’s decision to let someone ILLogical  spout off about how women who are pro-choice are hypocrites for mourning a miscarriage, I’m feeling a bit owly.

Everyone has a right to their opinion. I’m all about having my own opinion even if, and especially, if they aren’t necessarily popular opinions.

I was asked what I thought about Suleman by a friend tonight and I told her how I was pretty outraged by the whole thing. She said that it was completely irresponsible for a woman of already six children to have eight more when she clearly could not afford them. I had to defend Suleman on that point. There are hundreds of thousands of women who cannot “afford” to have any more children, or even the one(s) they have. Just look at our country’s overburdened welfare system and you will know it’s true. Let’s not even talk about the number of women  who prostitute themselves to feed their drug habit instead of investing in birth control or clean clothes and food for the babies that result. We can not enforce regulations fairly on moral beliefs.

Who is to say that Suleman now has TOO many babies? Some think two is too many. Take a look at what China was doing in the late 70’s as part of their population control policies. If that makes you wince, even just a little, then you would have to agree that no one has any business telling anyone else – regardless of their obvious level of CRAZY – that they are not allowed to have more than X number of children.

As for Gina’s post at Mom Logic. Besides an obvious ploy for increasing their technorati ranking, Gina’s statements are nothing more than an attempt to incite readers, to get a couple hundred of commenters expressing their outrage (or not). Again, Gina is entitled to her opinion and I won’t even give Mom Logic the benefit of a link. But I will tell you this: if Gina was someone I knew in real life and she said to my face,

If you are going to defend the right to abort babies, you don’t have the right to be upset when yours dies.

I’d punch that cunt right in the fucking face.

26 thoughts on “YOU (T)OR US (GET IT? UTERUS!)”

  1. I’m so behind on, well, everything, but I just wanted to say that I’m so classless that I shan’t even comment on the issue you discuss here. I feel as if I need to say that you writing “I’d punch that cunt right in the fucking face” reinforced my love for you. There aren’t enough literate bloggers that aren’t afraid to drop the cnut. Awesome.

  2. I will defend Nadja’s right to have 14 children if that’s what she wants, though I would certainly prefer if she were fiscally responsible about it. But I will NOT defend her right to have 6 embryos transferred at one time when she had already given birth to 6 children in 7 years. It’s absurd.

    And I’ll help you kick the crap out of Gina.

  3. Catizhere, the difference is that this woman obviously has no means to support the children she already has and chose to have eight more. I think anyone who has children they can’t afford by any means is irresponsible and more than a little crazy. Her own parents have washed their hands of her and said they will no longer help her. So how is she going to support 14 children with no job while living in a two bedroom apartment. She obviously cannot get a job because how can she pay for child care? So she will have to take public assistance and charity. These things will then not be available for someone who legitimately needs them.

    Also, it’s far more dangerous to carry and deliver eight babies at once than one at a time. So theoretically, she could have died leaving the six children she already had with no parents at all. Any person who would do that is not fit to be a parent. And her doctor is completely irresponsible letting his or her patient put herself in such a precarious medical situation.

  4. Please don’t flame me, I’m ignorant to the ways of IVF. But, let ME be the devils advocate here…..

    Who’s going to tell Michelle Duggar to stop? My parents had 8 kids (not all at once though, we’re spaced out at 18 month intervals)
    Is it simply the IVF factor?? That she’s unmarried? Sure, I’ll agree that that the Dr shouldn’t have implated all of the embryos but who are we to condemn or condone her actions?
    I went to school with a girl whos family had 22 children. Yes, twenty-two. Nobody ever had a problem with them.

  5. Gina is just an ignorant whatever. I decided after I read it that she wasn’t worth my energy to get angry.

    As for Octomom, I’m most angry at the medical professional (used lightly) that transferrd SIX embryos. I did read that s/he is being investigated by the medical board. Thank godness.

  6. Why do pro-lifers not understand that pro-choice is not necessarily pro-abortion (and in most often isn’t)? Why is that so hard for them to get?

  7. Hey, I’ll defend Nadya Suleman’s right to transfer all six embryos—but not all at once.

    She has the same right as another woman to do it one baby at a time and have her 14. The doctor should have said no and just done one at a time.

    Meanwhile, I was worried reading this that my beloved DD had disappeared, and then I read the last line—and fell over laughing!!

    I think i love you.

  8. That Gina woman filled me with fury – a ridiculous ill-informed rant.

    I have to say I am not so forgiving on the 14 kids front. Definitely too many for one parent even if she was as rich as Croesus. And the Dr – licence revoking time.

  9. I still believe the octulet’s mother is a nutjob, and completly irresponsible to have an additional six embryos inserted when she already has six children under the age of eight.

    But as for the woman who sounds like she would actually cheer the loss of any woman’s baby or pregnancy who ‘dared’ to support the right of any woman to terminate an unwanted baby… I’d go for a knee. More long term damage and pain.

  10. I have issues with the fact that Nadja’s doctor transferred six – that is a lot…when they knew that she was quite capable of getting and staying pregnant and if they were decent blasts. I think that is irresponsible.

    I just hate that it feeds right into everything ignorant people spout off when they find out someone they know is getting help TTC.

    And Gina, well…I can’t even quite put into writing the horrible things I feel about her. I would never wish a mc on anyone – but I hope someday she feels as much pain about something she loves and gains some fucking sympathy.

  11. Finally! I good reason to use the C-word!!! lol

    I almost did in my post yesterday. It takes a lot to rile up sweet ‘ole me, but she pushed a button that put me in hyper bitch mode.

  12. That Gina is ignorant. Plain and simple. She’s never had to face the choice of whether or not to continue a pg, wanted or not, and she obviously has no one she ever cared about go thru mc. So fuck her and her ignorant lil piece on Mom Logic.

    And I’d still punch her in the face too!

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