I’m kinda crafty. Did you know that? But, I hate complicated directions and measuring and if I think a project will take me longer than one afternoon to finish? Forget it.

Imagine if Martha Stewart and the Cable Guy had a love child. That’s me in the crafting department.

An example: I did not waste money this time around with matchy-matchy bedding and wallpaper and deco for ZGirl’s room. XBoy had all that and wow, what a waste of cash that was considering it could have been spent on formula or diapers. His $300 set included a crib skirt and what a pain in the ass it was. I figured I could whip one up for ZGirl, but it had to meet two important criteria: cheap and easy. Because that’s how I roll.

Let me show you just how cheap and easy it was.

First I needed some fabric. To figure how much you need, just measure the side(s) of the crib you want a skirt on and either double or triple the length, depending on how much “ruffle” you want. I only wanted it on the front and I used double.

skirt-mosaicAlso, since we are talking cheap, I took into account that most bolts of fabric are 54 inches wide. If I was to cut it in half, it would be plenty long enough to reach from the bottom of the mattress to the floor. So, in my case, I bought 1 1/3 yards of fabric. About eight bucks.

Starting at top left: (Fig. 1) a before shot of the front of ZGirl’s crib. I keep a roll of trash liners and a storage bin under her crib. Not attractive. (Fig’s. 2-3) here’s the fabric  (54″ long x 48″ wide) before and after cutting. Once cut in a two, I put the right sides together and sewed a seam (Fig. 4).

Next is where my one-afternoon-project plan went to crap.

(Fig. 5) is a close up of the sewing foot lock that I broke when I went to replace the button foot with the regular foot. Why did I break it? See Fig. 6. (Fig. 6) shows that to release the foot, I’m to push IN the lever, not DOWN. It helps to read instructions if in doubt.

(Fig. 7) New lock is in place. Sewn seam is now ironed flat. Next my bottom hem is sewn. (Fig. 8). Since I have plenty of fabric  went with  pretty heavy hem – 3″. But here’s where my pension for not measuring stuff comes into play. Since I didn’t “square” my fabric, I just used the pattern itself as my guide. (Fig. 9) this shows how I used the brown flowers in the pattern to make a straight hem across the bottom.

We’re in the home stretch now. (Fig. 10) I need a large pocket for Fig. 11 (big enough to run small plumbing tubing through), so I just used a Sharpie to mark my guide on the sewing machine, again using the pattern as a guide. (Fig. 11) is a picture of left-over tubing that I cut to equal the width of the front of my crib. If you’re doing three sides, it’s flexible enough for that as well.

Finally, (Fig. 12), after feeding the tube through the second hem I had sewn in Fig. 10, I simply used masked tape on each end to keep it from slipping off. Note that I didn’t bother hemming the sides.

Now, all I had to do was stuff the fabric covered tubing under the crib mattress.

crib-skirt-finalThe results? Well, I have to say, I think it looks pretty damn good considering that my out of pocket expenses were less than $8 (not taking into consideration the $20 for the broken lock) and time was under 45 minutes (again, not counting the day lost to aforementioned broken lock).

The beauty of this project is that you don’t even need a sewing machine. You can use fabric glue or the ironing strips or hell, you can even use an old table runner and safety pin it…

Granted, this post has nothing on Music Mondays or Wordless Wednesdays or Photo Phridays, but hey, it’s more family friendly than me calling someone the C-bomb or threatening violence, right?


  1. Aha! You do admit Martha Stewart’s in your bloodline! Cute project.

    I could comment about all the 4-H rules you broke, but I think you’d only harangue me about running the parents ragged when I had them and so they just weren’t up for another round of meetings, fairs and such.

  2. Ah yes, one-afternoon projects are the way to go. I thought I could do two relatively simple duvet covers in a day, but I’ve worked on them for two days now and still have a half day of work to go. I suppose it’s my own fault for being @nal about topstitching all the seams and whatnot, so the boys had better appreciate them!

  3. Well aren’t *you* the crafty one? That looks really nice and super easy.
    Now I feel bad that Maggie’s daybed STILL doesn’t have the bedskirt around it. Maybe I’ll try to channel my inner DD and craft an eyelet bedskirt for her room. And then maybe that will motivate me to put up the princess-castle mural and princess wallies and change her curtains….wait….that seems like a lot. baby steps, Cat. maybe just the bedskirt.

  4. Very nice! I can’t tell you how many half-finished projects I have around here, but the ones that have been finished bring me a great sense of accomplishment. I STILL go into our old nursery (now the playroom/guestroom) to admire the window valance I made for P when he was a baby. Took maybe an hour, though I did splurge on some Laura Ashley fabric.

  5. Hell, we haven’t even painted the boys’ room yet, let alone decorated it. Right now, they each have an Ikea hanging rack for their jackets/coats/sweaters etc that is set up over their chest of drawers. One off these days they’ll get wardrobes…

    I can’t even imagine our wee girl getting much in the way of decoration for a while… although I did find a bargain girly throw carpet in Ikea yesterday. 😉

  6. Yeah…well I have a cupboard in my laundry room literally FILLED with great fabrics I found on sale.

    The only problem is I DON’T SEW (I just stalk fabric stores because I have an identity problem). I have a machine but whenever I try to use it, the material gets all scrunched up and I have no clue how to overcome that annoying event.

    I am so jealous of your ability I could puke.

  7. LOL, I think it looks great!!! I love the fabric. You do so totally rock!!!

    Don’t feel bad, Martha isn’t allowed in my house at all!! Crafty Bitch!!!


  8. That is cool… and wow that is some inexpensive fabric (oh ya I forgot everything in the craft/crap dept is at least half of the price in Canada!).

    Sounds like you and I could sew/craft/crap together! 🙂 I have a whole room of craft stuff, that my hubby calls crap!

  9. You did a nice job.

    I could do it, but I don’t. My MIL does. Thank G-d.

    I’d just pay the big bucks for the matching stuff without her assistance.

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