0208-max-and-hazel-at-roy-and-cams-24My brother and his wife raise some sheep on their farm. Last Monday, my SIL (not the one I rant about) called me with exciting news: the first birth of the season was to quads.

The ewes of this particular breed of ship very commonly throw twins, so multiples aren’t unusual. But four? All healthy? A lovely way for them to start the birthing season.

This weekend we went to go see them. It’s amazing how they have grown in a week. Keep in mind that ewes only have two teats. That poor ewe is probably sleeping on her feet, literally, since bottle feeding hasn’t been necessary.┬áMy brother and his wife also are feeding her twice what other ewes get.

I had forgotten until I saw them how damn cute lambs are.0208-max-and-hazel-at-roy-and-cams-19