0208-max-and-hazel-at-roy-and-cams-24My brother and his wife raise some sheep on their farm. Last Monday, my SIL (not the one I rant about) called me with exciting news: the first birth of the season was to quads.

The ewes of this particular breed of ship very commonly throw twins, so multiples aren’t unusual. But four? All healthy? A lovely way for them to start the birthing season.

This weekend we went to go see them. It’s amazing how they have grown in a week. Keep in mind that ewes only have two teats. That poor ewe is probably sleeping on her feet, literally, since bottle feeding hasn’t been necessary. My brother and his wife also are feeding her twice what other ewes get.

I had forgotten until I saw them how damn cute lambs are.0208-max-and-hazel-at-roy-and-cams-19

10 thoughts on “QUADS THE NATURAL WAY”

  1. In college I volunteered on a Heifer Project farm, and one time a goat had triplets. There was one not getting enough, so I milked other goats and bottle-fed the kid. I like to think of it as an early introduction to exclusive pumping.

  2. I love that photo of xboy and what a great experience for him!

    And am I retarded . . . but do lambs and kids (ie baby goats) look a lot alike?? If the ewe were not in the photo I would have thought these were goats. Well, the one he’s holding anyway.

    Man, am I that much of an urban girl??

  3. Oh yes, they look like Katahdins. I swear my kid thinks I’m about to have lambs, when he sees these two babies are humans and not lambs (which he calls babies) he’s going to flip.

    I have a friend who has a ewe and she lambs trips or quads every year! And they’ve never had t supplement. Very cool.

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