Imagine a costume party where the theme was, “Dress Up as Your Favorite Brilliant Doctor Who Has An Evil Alter-Ego” and you shall know what things have been like around here.

Jekylls and Hydes are running amok.

Where shall I start? Howz about with the littlest J&H.

ZGirl’s ear infection was never quite resolved with the antibiotics and when it finally dawned on me that the head-shaking was not early indication of her brilliance in mimicking those around her saying “no-no”, but actually her trying to shake away the pain in her sweet little head, I felt about this *-* big. One parenting ego squelched very effectively, thank you.

Not only that, but because I have a fear of universal retribution, I didn’t bother bragging it up how just a few weeks ago ZGirl was sleeping almost 12 hours a night, straight through. Sweet, sweet, bliss. I didn’t say anything because, duh, once a parent openly brags about sleeping patterns, said sleeping patterns always hit the shitter. Unfortunately, in my case, it didn’t matter. Her illness has set us back months since even with the crib inclined, it’s only rest for a few hours before the pressure in her head wakes her and the resulting screaming wakes every one else.

So yes, she’s my Little Miss Jekyll during daylight, but sweet Moses, once the sun sets and we have a wee Miss Hyde in our midst.

XBoy? After almost a month of him on ADHD meds, he’s transformed into Jekyll.

For the few few weeks, we tried going without the meds on the weekend. At first, it didn’t seem to affect him. But the more his chemistry adjusted to the patch during the week, the harder his fall on the weekends; the more belligerent and spacey and, well, he was more of an asshole for those two short days.

He’s changed, but only in such a way that makes him more fun to hang out when playing cards or reading or simply sitting down to eat, yet he is still very much XBoy with his funny observations and goofiness. He is without a doubt, ZGirl’s favorite person in the whole, wide world.

Because ZGirl’s sleep pattern has been anything but in a pattern, I’ve been a raging bitch, to be frank. If I was still working at the hospital, I would have called in sick a couple days or maybe even come in an hour or so later just so I could catch up on some shut eye. With my new employer, that level of comfort is not yet there. That and the fact I must leave my home almost 30 minutes earlier has taken a considerable chunk out of my nighty-night time.

It’s no surprise then that yesterday evening, after a long week and lost sleep, that I ripped poor Mr. DD a new one solely because he couldn’t hear me say something. Even though he had gone to the grocery store and cooked a surprise supper. I has such a hag to him that instead of eating with us, he cleaned up the kitchen and disappeared into our bedroom and we barely said three words to each other all evening. When I finally apologized and thanked him for supper, he just mumbled, “leave me alone”.

Yep. I screwed up and now we were both pissed off. It would seem to be a running theme in my life, wouldn’t it? Happily, we’ve sorted things out.

So, that was an example how my Hyde turned my husband’s Jekyll into another Hyde, which then reversed my Jekyll back into Hyde. Good times.

Today, so far, we’ve all been pretty level headed group of Jekylls. It’s been good. My husband even made a music video from photos of me with XBoy or ZGirl or himself for Valentine’s Day that was totally sweet, especially considering I only got him a kit that turns a Diet Coke bottle and Mentos into a rocket that hopefully won’t shoot out any one’s eye.

Man, we are a goofy bunch, aren’t we?