Yes, it is.

It’s your fault that ZGirl is still not eating solids regularly. You told me not to stress about it when I tried it back when she had her four month check up and at that time, I couldn’t even get her to take a bottle, much less get a spoon past those bionic, toothless gums of hers. That’s when you all said, “don’t worry!” “it can wait!” “try again later!”. Stink eye to all of you.

We’ll manage to get a couple of spoonfuls of cereal in her mouth before she closes the mouth factory without so much as a second chance. Regardless of how many stupid ass faces we make like little birds in hopes that she will mimic us, we end up looking quite ridiculous and she ends up looking at us like we are Nadja Suleman incarnates.

Oh, now, don’t think it’s because she’s not interested in what’s going on at the dinner table.

One day as she was playing in her bouncer and I was sitting on the floor next to her eating a chocolate chip cookie, she suddenly stopped her manic dance and without blinking, watched as the cookie went to my mouth and back down again. “You want a taste?” I asked, and held the cookie to her mouth. She licked. She liked, and she licked some more.

I quickly finished the cookie. I’m not one to share my sweets.

I have purchased those silly puff things that come in different flavors, including peach and sweet potato. I tried the sweet potato and while she tolerated it, she didn’t go all out. I then tried the peach, just to see if it was the texture of the flavor that she didn’t care for. It’s not the texture.

Guess who has a sweet tooth (teeth, since she has two now)?


XBoy was finishing off big jars of baby food at her age, which is now just a few days out of seven whole months.

By the way, while ZGirl isn’t loving the solids, you should see the little shit pull herself up to a standing position.