Yes, it is.

It’s your fault that ZGirl is still not eating solids regularly. You told me not to stress about it when I tried it back when she had her four month check up and at that time, I couldn’t even get her to take a bottle, much less get a spoon past those bionic, toothless gums of hers. That’s when you all said, “don’t worry!” “it can wait!” “try again later!”. Stink eye to all of you.

We’ll manage to get a couple of spoonfuls of cereal in her mouth before she closes the mouth factory without so much as a second chance. Regardless of how many stupid ass faces we make like little birds in hopes that she will mimic us, we end up looking quite ridiculous and she ends up looking at us like we are Nadja Suleman incarnates.

Oh, now, don’t think it’s because she’s not interested in what’s going on at the dinner table.

One day as she was playing in her bouncer and I was sitting on the floor next to her eating a chocolate chip cookie, she suddenly stopped her manic dance and without blinking, watched as the cookie went to my mouth and back down again. “You want a taste?” I asked, and held the cookie to her mouth. She licked. She liked, and she licked some more.

I quickly finished the cookie. I’m not one to share my sweets.

I have purchased those silly puff things that come in different flavors, including peach and sweet potato. I tried the sweet potato and while she tolerated it, she didn’t go all out. I then tried the peach, just to see if it was the texture of the flavor that she didn’t care for. It’s not the texture.

Guess who has a sweet tooth (teeth, since she has two now)?


XBoy was finishing off big jars of baby food at her age, which is now just a few days out of seven whole months.

By the way, while ZGirl isn’t loving the solids, you should see the little shit pull herself up to a standing position.


15 thoughts on “IT’S YOUR FAULT”

  1. Its frustrating, but she is still young. None of my 3 children had any interest in solids until 9 months. I battled it with my first, so stressful, and then just accepted it with the next two. And they were all healthy, active, and gaining weight, just fine on breast milk only.

  2. Good luck with the food thing! My girl didn’t start until 6 months and she ate like a champ. The boys started earlier but didn’t eat well until around the 6 month mark!

    Good luck!

  3. My daughter never finished a jar of baby food. We would hold onto it for three days and throw it out – we never used a whole box of cereal. She just never took to it. She loved her formula. But after she turned one, she was a champ with table food.

    My son would eat 2-3 jars in a sitting. We go through cereal like crazy (still).

    My daugher is 5 now and is the healthiest eater I know. Other moms are jealous. I can’t explain it. But z girl will be fine.

  4. Another here who bypassed baby food in jars as the babes wouldn’t touch it (curses). Neither had anything before 6 months anyway. You could try baby led weaning – which is all leaving them to pick it up themselves so you don’t puree it so much you have to spoon it in. They eat eventually apparently.

  5. I’m dittoing everyone who says that baby food tastes like crap, so I don’t blame her. My kid will rarely ever eat it, and when we are out sometimes I have to serve it!

    Suzanne had some excellent ideas, but if you don’t want to make it, another one is to just serve her whatever you guys are eating, mashed up a lot, minus the salt. (Don’t cook with it, and add it later after you take some out for her,) Set aside some extra portions in the freezer for days when you eat takeout chicken or pizza, and serve it then.

    As for baby cereal? Meh, why not just some cheerios drizzled with apple juice to soften them up? That way she won’t need teeth to crunch them. Same for toast, cut into squares, covered in butter, or cream cheese.

    Scrambled eggs are another fave in this house.

  6. I’m not one to give advice on this particular subject given Myles’ eating delay. But I will say that I always felt that eating solids should somehow correspond with having more teeth, so later teething=later solids.

  7. He he. Okay, I know it’s been said but seriously, don’t worry about it. We didn’t try Aiden on “solids” until six months and the boy NEVER took to cereal. It just wasn’t something he ever got in to. He adored the sweeter things like sweet potatoes and carrots (the boy’s nose turned orange if that tells you anything!) pears and things of that nature. He still has a sweet tooth like his mama – lol.

  8. I tried cereal once and Ellie hated it and I moved on and tried a few fruits and veggies then just added cereal back mixed with a fruit or veggie. I made all of her food and it was not nearly the pain in the arse that it sounds like and the food actually tasted decent. All you need is a food processor (or really good blender) and some ice cube trays. There’s a great book called Mommy Made and Daddy too that has great nutrition information, puree recipes, and toddler recipes.

    Here’s what we were doing around that age:

    bananas (mashed with a fork)
    avocado – plain or mixed with bananas – sounds gross but she loved it
    mango – bought the frozen mango – just fruit no sugar or syrup and pureed it
    blueberries – same thing, bought the frozen and pureed and mixed with mango or applesauce
    butternut squash
    acorn squash
    yogurt-loved the stonyfield farms organic, they have one with cereal in it

    For finger foods, we did the biter biscuits and zweiback toast and we were at a playdate when she was like 8 months old and she had some of the small goldfish crackers by accident but I realized she did fine with them. I also gave her frozen blueberries defrosted, they were usually pretty small and soft and she chewed even without teeth. They are however a huge mess, so I usually took her clothes off when we ate those. We tried those mesh feeder things with bananas too and it was messy but she loved it. A friend also suggested using those with ice for when they are teething so it is a good dual purpose item.

  9. Yeah, Baby O wasn’t much of a cereal guy either. Fruit, however? Loved it. Sweet potatoes, applesauce (unsweetened), pears, especially. Start with the fruit, mix a little cereal in, but otherwise, since you know she likes the sweet, might as well go for it.

  10. The only way my boys would eat cereal is if I mixed it with a fruit, even unsweetened applesauce worked. Plain cereal looked wonderful in my hair though.

  11. Have you ever tasted baby food? Most of it tastes like I imagine toe-jam tastes like! Myles would have none of that baby food crap…gave us a look like we were trying to kill him. Our standards included yogurt or applesauce mixed with baby cereal…graham crackers…animal crackers…bananas…and cut up grapes. For veggies I just cooked frozen veggies really well so they were soft and let him pick at them as he wanted. Myles also loves pasta cut up in real tiny bits (in sauce, of course…don’t even try plain). That’s all I can think of right now.

  12. What are you using to mix the cereal? If you use water or formula I don’t blame the girl, that stuff will taste like paste. Besides using breast milk, the other option I used was juice. Maybe that would help a girl out that has sweet tendencies? I would just heat the juice up in the microwave to warm it and then mix it with the cereal or oatmeal.

    Also, my daughter never liked “baby” food. We pretty much just gave her what we were eating. She was a later solid eater vs. my son, some kids just are. Maybe she just wants the real stuff (obviously keeping into account allergy reactions and whatnot).

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