Last night, Mr. DD went into her room to get the eye drops for ZGirl’s pink eye. He calls out to the living room where I’m feeding her, “where’s the medicine?” I don’t answer because hell, it’s right on top of her changing table, he just needs to look.

A couple minutes later he comes out with a bottle of medicine in his hand. I hold ZGirl, face up, who is now asleep so Mr. DD can administer the drops. He opens her eye, squeezes the bottle, and when the first drop comes out and hits her eye, I gave a shout. ZGirl wakes instantly and starts screaming. It wasn’t her eye drops, but peroxide for ear wax removal and he had just put it in her eye. I knew by the appearance of the clear drops that he didn’t have the right stuff. Her medicine is milky white.

We called poison control who told us to flush her eye out with a  continuous gentle stream of warm water for 15 minutes. We took turns holding her over the kitchen sink doing so while she cried and cried and cried.

I wanted to punch Jerry right in the neck after that. How damn hard would it have been to make sure that the bottle was for eye drops? Jeezus.

ETA: I sent this as an email to my sister who replied that she’s heard of this kind of stuff happening before: an easy mistake. It doesn’t make me want to smack Mr. DD any less, I’ll tell you that much right now.

15 thoughts on “JUDO CHOP”

  1. That is a man thing to do. Even when I know its the right stuff…I still double check the container just in case. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the dosing bottle for tylenol…and my oldest is turning 7…so I’ve seen it a few times. And the bottle only has 2 doses…5ml or 10ml…but I still check. You know in case the medicine cabinet monster changed the bottles on me.

    Hope ZGirls eye’s okay…

  2. I have one of those “I can’t be bothered with the details” guys as well. I’m always saying “sometimes it’s ALL ABOUT the details dumbass.”

    Poor Z, she’s one tough munchkin.

  3. Men are so stupid! Can totally see my husband doing the same thing. Plus then saying, “Well I asked you where the drops were and you didn’t answer.” This from a guy that still can’t find the kids pajamas. We’ve only kept them in the same drawer since the day they were born!

    Definitely smack him an extra time for all of us too!

  4. Yep. BDMS.
    Joe gave Will Nyquil last week. “Well, that the first bottle I saw in the cabinet.” OK, Will *did* sleep REALLY well that night, but I don’t think Nyquil is a good idea for a 2 year old.

  5. Men are worthless when it comes to finding stuff (even if it is in plain view). Once they do find what they think they are looking for, they don’t even read the label. So typical.

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