I know you are sick to death of the now infamously dubbed Octomom, but I just have to get this off my chest. She told Dr. Phil (who I also think is a raving dipshit) that she went through this most recent cycle because after having six children, she wanted “just one more”.

Because having the seventh child would have completed her and filled some empty bullshit void in her life that for whatever reason the other six had not.

And then there’s this:

She claims that she had six embryos transferred each time with the octuplets supposedly the result of a FET, right?

Then there are the six other kids at home and from what I understand that means that she went through five other successful cycles (since one cycle produced twins).

She couldn’t have possibly done five fresh cycles, transferring six embryos each time which resulted in pregnancies of singletons and then completed a frozen with the left overs and produced eight babies…could she have?

This doesn’t even account for the possibility, a very, very real one, that she had other transfers (fresh and frozen) that were not successful.

So I’m confused. It doesn’t help that she’s a pathological liar, or at least perceived as one. I’m just trying to figure out how she could have done so many fresh IVFs and then ended up with only six frozen for one last final hurrah – if you will.

I’d give anything to be able to snoop through her medical records from that clinic. I would even love to know what her cause for infertility was, even though I’ve read she couldn’t have children because of ovarian cancer.

Which of course leads me to ask, “What the feck?” I mean, if she had ovarian cancer and she was rendered infertile from the treatment (whether it was nuclear meds or radiation therapy or surgery), she wouldn’t be able to use her own eggs, right, since they would have been destroyed?

Oh, wait, you mean she lied about that, too?

Anyone care to take a shot at the questions, which I will bullet out to make it simple:

What is the cause of her infertility?

How many fresh IVFs did she do?

How many eggs were retrieved with each fresh IVF?

How many frozen embryo transfers did she do?

How many embryos were transferred with each FET?

And just what kind of magical glue or caulk did her doctor use to directly implant these frozen embryos? I’m thinking that if we ever did a FET with Pokey, I might want to see if my clinic can get my hands on it since clearly we would end up with at least two babies.

16 thoughts on “DEAD HORSE”

  1. So, my basic problem with her “But I transferred six every time” crap is this:

    1. Women do not generally get MORE fertile as they age.
    2. The uterus does not, as far as I know, get LESS scarred with age.
    3. FETs generally have a lower success rate than fresh cycles
    4. Most clinics transfer the best embryos first.
    5. AND ANOTHER THING. Given the laws of attrition, how many follicles would you have to have in order to have six frozen embryos left over from a fresh cycle in which you transferred six?*

    So…she is the only woman in the world for whom uterine aging is reversed and she asked the doctor to transfer the crappy ones first? What?

    Also, these alleged failed cycles. Let’s discuss those. Her oldest kid is…seven? And she’s been doing this for six or seven years? WHEN, exactly, could she really have several failed cycles and still managed to be pregnant that many times? Even with a previous set of twins, it doesn’t add up.

    Did they perform these alleged failed cycles while she was actually pregnant? If so, I think I might want to give her a tip about why they failed.

    Oh. And every damned thing that comes out of her mouth is later proven to be a lie.

    But other than that, totally plausible.

    *If my IVF math is correct, 96 follicles. The bullshit that would have to be called on this one is so loud that I dare not speak it. I would wake everyone in Sweden.

  2. I can’t answer any of your questions re: Octomom, but she makes my skin crawl.
    There are a lot of things WRONG with that girl and I feel sorry for those who have gone through hell and back to have their children (if any at all) and have to see this chick’s face plastered all over magazines and TV with her 14 kids! Kids she can’t take care of, much less!

  3. She’s a trainwreck on so many levels it’s mind-boggling. I try not to put too much thought into her situation because it would drive me insane. All your questions are definitely legitimate, and who knows if we’ll ever get the true answers. What a mess.

  4. There is always going to be the occasional crazy person who does something that damages things for everyone else. We had our own octomum over here who disobeyed orders when on Clomid but she lost all hers sadly. I don’t think I can be bothered to expend any more fury over the US variant on this theme.

  5. Listen, like any enigma, you’re never going to find out because all that family including her wacko dr are all blatant liars and are trying to cover up something. Unless they decide to tell the truth, you can question away until the end of time.

    I’m with Aurelia, sick of it all, I’m also with Shelli, she’s so NOT fucking infertile mental bitch that she is!

  6. I read that she did two unsuccessful FETs before the octuplets (with the leftovers from previous fresh cycles perhaps).

    I’ve also read speculation about shared cycles in which she donated eggs.

    What gets me is her RE’s claim of ‘implanting’ or ‘gluing’ embryos. If his technique works, then why does he need to transfer six embryos at a time? And why are his clinic’s stats among the worst in the States?

    1. Another great point: if this new technique of his was so wonderful, she would have only had to transfer two and if that failed, go another two. If they were already frozen what was the point of transferring so many at once?

      She’s a loon.

  7. I don’t think she’s infertile. I think she’s one of those whackjobs that just wants to do IVF to say she did it AND is impatient AND is a narcissist.

  8. Her story gets more bizarre and questionable every day. Like you, I would LOVE to see her medical records. I bet if we wait long enough, someone will sell them for $10,000,000 to a rag and we will see them. (HIPAA means nothing to some people, especially ones that want the bucks).

    And, honestly, is anyone as completely unnerved as I am with her voice??

    Wait! That’s it…she is from munchkin land! That explains soooo much.

  9. Yes her doctor claimed to have some revolutionary “implantation” technique however she appears to be pretty much the only person who ever got pregnant at his clinic. Seriously, his numbers are AWFUL.

    I like that she claims that only 6 embryos were transferred to produce the octuplets. Ok then, which ones are the identical twins??

    For some reason I thought I read that she’d done frozen cycles before. So maybe she had one fresh cycle that produced 36 embryos and she’s been thawing them for all subsequent cycles.

    I don’t believe a single word she says, she’s clearly got some major mental health issues.

  10. I have to admit I am fascinated, not in a good way, by this woman and her bizarre story. In some sick way, I envy her IVF success rate. 6 embryos, all stick and multiply (not to mention all the other successful IVFs)?! Tell me your secret, woman. Or your doctor’s, really, I don’t care.
    Of course, my doctor would say good egg quality. But whatever (and if that is so, why transfer 6?!).

    Based on the rumors I read (sad, eh) she approached her sperm donor multiple times for his goods and had the odd unsuccessful cycle thrown in. I seriously have no idea how many cycles (fresh or frozen) she had AND how she afforded them (and well, how to feed 6 + 8 children).

    Most of all, I hold a grudge against her for possibly making it harder for other people undergoing fertility treatment to fulfill their dream of a family.


  11. Yes, I also watched the Oprah episode (I hate both Oprah and Dr Phil and this woman has made me watch both in the last week – I doubly hate her now). They said something about adhesions – I thought he said something about her tubes – maybe I made that part up?

    I haven’t heard anything about the actual number of fresh/frozen cycles – but at one point I thought she said she did have some cycles that were unsuccessful. I don’t even remember where I heard that so no telling if it is true.

    And they did put them into the uterine wall but according to Mel over at Stirrup Queens – that doesn’t really mean anything and doesn’t help the little ones actually implant. According to her the doctor has really crappy success rates so whatever he is doing doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it. This woman is just a good baby maker once they get fertilized and put in her.

  12. I just watched my DVR’d episode of Oprah yesterday, in which Nadia’s father was the guest (along with Dr. Oz). According to her dad she had adhesions that wrapped around her ovaries (I’m assuming endometriosis??). She supposedly found out about this when she was pretty young and was told at that time she was “infertile”.

    I can’t remember the source of this next one, but I read it somewhere online. Supposedly her Dr. does some kind of procedure where he actually implants the embryos in the uterine lining…he says this accounts for his “higher than average” live birth rate. If I can find the article, I will post it.

    That’s all the info I have…well with the exception of what TMZ is reporting about her possible “adult film” deal that comes complete with health and dental benefits for her and all of her children!

    Who knows if any of this is accurate, but I too, would like to know the answers to the rest of the questions…

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