Had typed out one of my funniest and informative posts ever and wordpress kicked me out because I walked away in the middle to go eat my sloppy joe.

*insert swearing here *


ZGirl has had some seriously high, high fevers – 101+ – over the past couple of days.

Two weeks ago, doctor visit: just a cold.

Last week, a doctor visit: pink eye, chest congestion.

Last night, doctor visit: influenza (nope, swab was negative); pneumonia (nope, negative chest xrays); she’s got an infection.

This afternoon, a doctor visit: ear infection, again! In both ears, again!

This time I remember to tell the pharmacy to flavor the AB. Unfortunately, didn’t realize that the doctor who saw my daughter, who knows we go to a day care, who prescribed nebulizer treatments 3x a day, also decided to write the script for albuterol in the mix-it-yourself variation. *insert more swearing here*

Maybe I’m just crabby because I have a UTI, the first in oh, 20 years? And all I had to do to get a script was call my OB.

Nah. I’m just darn crabby.

9 thoughts on “OH-OH-OTITIS!”

  1. So are tubes in Zgirl’s future? Is that something they still do? I had them at 10 months after too many ENT infections to count.

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