My dad is doing well, all things considered. Today, just four days after the accident, they are discharging him to the nursing home for intensive physical therapy. Sunday they introduced him to a walker and it was a miserable first attempt. He has had carpal tunnel in both wrists for years and while one wrist was operated on, it continues to be bothersome and since he felt little relief, he didn’t bother with the second. His upper body strength does not lend itself to a walker. However, Monday he proudly announced that he made it all the way out to the hall. Considering that his first attempt got him standing only, it was a vast improvement.

BTW, if your man has a magazine subscription, I beg you to bring his old issues to the local hospital (if they accept). I went on a hunt through the waiting rooms for something for him to read only to find Vogue, Good Housekeeping, and endless other feminine reading materials. Or if your husband doesn’t have anything, buy a subscription that appeals for men to be delivered to a certain area of the hospital out of the goodness of your heart.

My mom had also brought him some things to make him feel human: a razor, clean underwear, and his glasses. He did opt out of her bringing his dentures. He only wears them for trips into town anyway.

Speaking of teeth, right now my daughter is sitting on the floor cursing the teeth that are yet meant to be. Baby-cussing is awesome.You know it’s baby-cussing when they frown while they babble and it crescendos into a screech.

The spot of ringworm, which as OvaGirl pointed out is in fact NOT a worm but a fungus of the dermis, is at the top of her chest, directly below her chin. I actually noticed what I had thought was a rash created from the incessent water-works dribbling from her mouth a couple weeks ago. It almost disappeared last week and then Saturday is was back with a vengeance. Crusty and the size of a nickel, I even said to Mr. DD that it might be ringworm.

Thump me on the head now, because when I dropped her off at daycare Monday morning I pointed it out to one of the staff and instructed her just to keep it covered and dry via a bib. Apparently, she pointed it out to the Director who called me and said it was in their handbook that children with ringworm could not be in the center.

Funny how the kids are allowed to come and literally seep their snotty noses all over each other via the handling of mutual toys, or even their personal blankets in a non-stop snot-fest, yet this – fungus – is something to quarantine. Both are contagious, obviously, since she also then confirmed that another child had had ringworm a couple months earlier (jeez, a heads up would have been nice), but I would think the kid who wipes their snot on everything in sight would be more of a health hazard. But, whatever. The deed is done and frankly, so are we.

I filed an official complaint today even though I had pangs of guilt. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, but seriously? Ever since she joined the 4-18mos old, she’s been sick non-stop. And would you believe that when I tell people about it, I’m asked if I breastfed? Makes me want to poke a sharp stick in their eye. Proof positive that breastfeeding your kid doesn’t NOT make them uber-immune.

If I make it through the rest of Lent without dropping the f-bomb here, it’ll be a minor miracle.