tub-peeI presented the following scenario on both twitter and facebook, so this may be old hat to many of you.

You run a bath for your baby – in the big tub, mind you. You strip baby and put her in the tub. Instantly, a cloud of pale yellow emits from you child’s nethers.

It happened to me the other night. No, it wasn’t ME that peed in the tub, but ZGirl. I’m sure I probably said “shoot” (or something similar), but then “meh” and let her play before finally shampooing her. I never gave it another thought when later I kissed her or blew rasperries into her tummy. Until now and I’m a bit squicked out.

Be that as it may.

Now poop and vomit? That’s entirely different. I’ve had to bleach the tub on more than one occasion from past incidents (after I’ve removed the baby).

Pray, what would do, or even better, what will you admit to?

Postscipt: here’s a comment on my facebook page by the venerable OvaGirl in response to a “stain” appearing in the tub that makes me giggle each time I read it:

Also, are we definite that it’s pee? You say “stain” in quotation marks like maybe it’s not a stain, like maybe it’s the halo of the Virgin Mary who’s making a rare appearance to…I don’t know…foretell the end of the world or alternatively offer to babysit. In which case, we simply move baby to one side because she’s sitting on VM’s head.


(Flickr image by RCP Family)