I have to say this and get it off my chest. And while I know there are probably a majority out there that will not agree with me, I’m going to give voice to the handful that probably do.

When someone plugs for donations on their blog so they can go to say, BlogHer, I find myself every so slightly (OK, a lot!) put off.

As someone who has had to change their plans about BlogHer from being “Most definitely going!” to “Pretty sure I can still go.” to “Damn. I can’t go.” because of financial changes in my personal life (loss of job), I feel I should be at least empathetic, but I’m not.

BlogHer is once a year. That means when the last one was over, there was twelve months – give or take – to plan for the next one. $100 a month saved should cover the following year’s flight, hotel and registration regardless of its location.

So, go ahead and judge me. You might even want to point out how I can be such a hypocrite, but since this is my blogI’m giving those people the equivalent of a “tough toenails!” and moving on.