I have to say this and get it off my chest. And while I know there are probably a majority out there that will not agree with me, I’m going to give voice to the handful that probably do.

When someone plugs for donations on their blog so they can go to say, BlogHer, I find myself every so slightly (OK, a lot!) put off.

As someone who has had to change their plans about BlogHer from being “Most definitely going!” to “Pretty sure I can still go.” to “Damn. I can’t go.” because of financial changes in my personal life (loss of job), I feel I should be at least empathetic, but I’m not.

BlogHer is once a year. That means when the last one was over, there was twelve months – give or take – to plan for the next one. $100 a month saved should cover the following year’s flight, hotel and registration regardless of its location.

So, go ahead and judge me. You might even want to point out how I can be such a hypocrite, but since this is my blogI’m giving those people the equivalent of a “tough toenails!” and moving on.

18 thoughts on “TIN CUP”

  1. I’ve always had an issue with blog begging, and for something so casual as a trip to a blogging converence? What the hell?

    I used to get annoyed with people asking for donations for IVF – if you can’t afford IVF to the extent you need to ask the internet for money, should you really be looking to have a kid? They’re kind of expensive to keep around.

    I’m all annoyed now.

  2. I don’t like plugging on the blogs for any reason. Hey, I’ve had a ton of reasons to need/want money – I just had to separate the need from the want and make it work on my own.

  3. I can’t even stand it when someone wants donations for something like the American Cancer Society! They accumulate monies from others and deliver it in their own name – I’ll donate myself, thankyouverymuch.

    There is a growing trend of people holding out their hands – gimme,gimme,gimme. I despise it.

    One person actually got people to fund her nanny’s boob job! And she succeeded! Anything is possible.

    How about the wishlist that people display on their sidebar just in case someone wants to give them a gift. nice. And to think that I felt awkward announcing my wedding gift registry.

    I might pass someone a virtual martini on facebook while they are at blogher but that would be the extent of my generosity.

  4. Yep. It’s a conference. I did see where someone was asking for $ for an IVF cycle, I can certainly sympathize with that. But, hey – you ask, and some people will give. I understand it’s worth the shot.

    When my school used to call and ask for contributions, I would tell them that once my student loans were paid off, and the loan I took out for IVF was paid off I would be happy to. Oddly, they never called back. I say the same thing to anyone calling an asking for donations.

    So…. yeah. I’m working on paying off our own debt. HEY! Anyone want to contribute? Hardy har har!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I think it is a bit off to ask for the whole amount. If for eg someone had paid for the ticket and then lost her job and needed help with the hotel then maybe ask for a bit – but otherwise maybe not. I wonder who gives anyway?

  6. There are so many worthy things to donate to – I can’t see donating to someone’s Blogher ticket. I don’t go because I can’t afford it so why should I help someone else afford it?

    I prefer to give a few bucks here and there to my adoption friends who are going to Guatemala on mission trips. I would much rather buy food or shoes for people who have nothing than donate toward someone going to a weekend blogging party. That said, I haven’t come across any bloggers asking for donations. I have seen a couple asking for corporate sponsors but that is it.

  7. Here’s my suggestion…if you really need to go to BlogHer and can’t afford it, cut off the high speed internet service and go to the library…and sell your computer too. That ought to cover the price of your trip.

    I have extremely low tolerance for people who complain that they’re broke when they’re talking about taking vacations. Not that I take vacations, but if I did, and I was broke, that would be the first thing to go!

  8. Thank you for saying it out loud! I know nobody has to give if they don’t want to but it just seems crass. Especially when one of my favorite blogs just had an update on their friend’s toddler who has a brain tumor and she posted about how to donate to a charity for kids with cancer. Hmmm, where would I put my money?? Kids with cancer orrrr Blogher?

  9. that stinker Dino prompted me to find your blog. *swoon* oh glorious chicken flavoured snacks a kindred spirit of the “don’t pull the gimme gimme on me” kind.

    I find it obnoxious to the extreme that people ask those who read their blog for cash donations. Most people are doing it tough but don’t resort to the “I need a free holiday” cash grab.

    I have no prob donating when its my choice and is unprompted. But this sort of asking leaves me unsubscribing from blogs.

  10. I agree. There are a few blogs that I read regularly that are asking for the full amount to go and it just feels….wrong.

    For Becky – I’m so new I’m tender on this product review thing – but it ooged me out enough that sometime this week I’m launching a teeny little blog of all reviews, so that noone has to read them who doesn’t want to. Because while I looove getting free stuff in the mail, I did one product review on my blog and realized it was just all wrong for my space.

  11. I just get kinda oogly about the donate to me stuff in general. The buttons make me feel kinda weird and off-put. Then again, so do the product reviews.

  12. Yep…my plans changed today. My blogher trip will be delivered on Thursday and hopefully will fit where the old one died.

    But hey, anyone reading that disagrees with DD and wants to fund my trip, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

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