I think I have misplaced what I would equivocate as my pimp hand when it comes to blogging. It’s not that I’m no longer bitter, but maybe my daughter has been the honey on my spoon that eases that nasty aftertaste.

It might be the lack of adult, human interaction I haven’t had recently, which since the beginning of the year, has been reduced to my husband during the hours of 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Trust me when I say “adult” refers only to his physical age. His mentality rivals my seven year old son’s.

It also might be I’m not reading enough blogs that write stuff that get under my skin – aside from the earlier post about those who ask for handouts. Instead I’ve settled into the overstuffed easy chair that is my blogroll.

It’s no wonder many bloggers go out with a bang instead of letting themselves become simpering dolts who whine and complain about losing their pimp hands, and possibly even thinking that “pimp hand” is a hip and cool reference.

What has happened to me? I’ve become…vanilla!

11 thoughts on “CONE OR CUP”

  1. Vanilla is awesome because you can spice it up with sprinkles, magic shell, fudge, nuts, or WHATEVER. I personally get sick of mint chocolate chip but need to eat it because I need the pail (for poopy clothe diapers you know :0 )

  2. Vanilla is my favorite flavor, of ice cream. 😉 Better “Banilla”, as Alex used to say it, then Sour Grapes, like mine have been lately.

    I know you have more in you and are so not done yet. You do have two gorgeous kids to keep you tired, hence no energy. Did you ever get over and see Marjorie’s black-eye? No all night emergency room visits for us, but the colors were SPECTACULAR!

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much. All blogs wax and wane and wax again. There will be something sooner or later to get you riled up. This way, when it comes, you will have the energy to work yourself up into a lather of indignation!

  4. Trust me, there’s plenty of wackiness to comment on. If you can’t find it in other blogs, try the news, events you observe at the store, and there’s always family!

    When I need a laugh, here’s the spot I come to…don’t abandon me now!

  5. Do you think you need to “check yourself before you wreck yourself??”

    I think your writing is great. No matter if it’s bitter/snarky/mommish/wifey whatever. I still luv ya.

  6. Still reading. I don’t think I care about the flavour really – life has many so I don’t see why you can’t be vanilla a bit and a load of other stuff too.

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