0315-drooling-4ZGirl is at that fun stage right between being a mewling newborn that only smiled when she farted and the toddler who will feed the Wii pennies and paperclips. She can sit up for a long time and entertain herself, and if she gets tired she’s figured out that if she leans over far enough she’ll face plant into the carpet to find herself, even in involuntarily, doing some tummy time. Luckily, she’s not crawling yet. It should mean that I get more blogging in. Alas…

She doesn’t laugh much, which can be a little disappointing. XBoy laughed a lot. Still does. Sometimes he’s in his room laughing hysterically. I don’t bother going in anymore and trying to see what’s so funny because I worry I’ll turn the corner and find him grinning like a maniac at the booger he’s just extracted from his nose and flicked onto the lampshade.

About her laughing: what’s weird is that I’ll find some new way of making her laugh, like bouncing her on the bed, and then when I go to repeat the activity for the benefit of Mr. DD? She might grin, but no laughs. She’s a one-laugh pony.

She also has quite a stranger danger awareness going on. Oh, she grins like the Joker at people when Mr. DD or myself is holding her, but get a little too close? She averts her head, baby body language for “sodd off”. She’s a tease. It’s not just something she acquiring as she moves into the second half of her first year, either. She’s always been this way.

From the moment she’s handed off to someone other than Mr. DD, XBoy or myself, you can countdown from five and she’ll be wailing by two. I have to admit that I get a sense of smug satisfaction when she does it to the in-laws. But now that the daycare is having some turnover (I’m having no luck finding a replacement), she’s having a rather difficult time adjusting. Her reports home have gone from “she was very happy today!” to “a little grumpy…” Even when grandma comes for the day, ZGirl keeps her at arms length – literally. And once one of us walks into the room and she spots us, all bets are off. She pops out that bottom lip as far as it goes, tears fill her eyes and her arms reach out.Β It was cute the first dozen times or so, but seriously, Girl, you need to lighten up!

There’s one other little thing she does that’s a bit strange. She’s never taken to a pacifier and she has not yet developed a preference for any kind of “lovey”, so when she’s tired or cranky, she actually self-soothes by hitting herself in the head. Either she puts up one hand in front of her mouth and uses the other hand to hit that; or when she’s taking a bottle and is super tired, she’ll smack the top of her head either with an open palm or closes fist. She’s even taken to pulling her hair. Not hard, but still.

Is that too weird? It is, isn’t it. It figures. In the picture above she looks all light and sunshine with blond hair and blue eyes, but she’s a goth baby with her sullen attitude and get-away-from-me-you-big-person-freak and self-flagellation. My interpretation of that is below. I’ll first warn you that I haven’t yet figured out the photoshop I got for Christmas so I had to use paint. Yes, I really do have an art degree. Scary, no?




15 thoughts on “GOTH BABY”

  1. i’m pretty sure they’re called emo babies these days… just a heads up for when she’s a little older- she might take offense to the “goth terminology”… rofl… awesome artwork btw!!

  2. Ellie wasn’t a big laugher either, I took it as a sign that she has a highly refined sense of humor and until we got her some good british humour to enjoy, she wasn’t going to indulge our ridiculous fart noise attempts at baby laughter. For a while she would lie on her back and kick to soothe herself then she got hooked on the thumb. Now she sucks her thumb and rubs her top lip with her other hand. And she’s only now getting into the lovies. So Z is totally normal in that babies do freaky things we don’t understand way.

  3. Daisy never took a pacifier, and we tried every brand out there. To soothe herself, she rubbed the right side of her head. Eventually it evolved into holding onto her hair, which she still does at 4 when trying to fall asleep.

    FTR, we’ve always referred to Daisy as our emo/goth chick due to her um, not very sunny demeanor.

  4. All of my kids pull their hair when sleepy. I think it came from me rubbing their heads while I was trying to get them to go to sleep. I’ve also noticed that they all do stuff with their feet. Dan used to rock one foot back & forth, Maggie crosses her ankles & strokes her right foot with her left, Will likes to burrow his feet under stuff. My thigh, the sofa cushion, the comforter, etc. Joe tells me that I do this too. I rub my feet together like a cricket in my sleep.

    She’s so gosh-darn cute. Even as a little punk rocker chick. Sorta reminds me of the tech on NCIS.

  5. The patting on the head and hair pulling is NORMAL, unless both of our girls just aren’t and that is possible considering we are their mothers. πŸ˜‰ Marjorie still does the “patting” thing only now it is full on smacking and she has changed from hitting herself to hitting me when she has her bottle. Yes, at almost 15 months I still give my baby a bottle. Considering the daycare provider took it away from her before she was a year old, I am keeping her my baby as long as I can. She still has her plug and her lovey at home as well, not allowed at daycare either.
    We are looking for new childcare also. Too bad we don’t live closer we could just swap out the babies, provided we could get jobs that gave us the right schedules. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck and she is too cute, normal and goth baby versions.

  6. She obviously is extremely intelligent and is just weeding out the undesirables πŸ™‚

    Only 5 ear studs? Nothing through the nose or eyebrow? I think you need to go back and add a few things πŸ˜‰

  7. You really drew on your miracle baby in Paint?!?!? Seriously, I can’t stop laughing!!!! [and snorting] Glad to see some new pictures and baby stories!

  8. The photo? Cracked me up.

    Tessa is the same in many ways. She is hard to get a laugh out of and is also a 1 laugh pony. It is weird for us because Sabrina was the happiest baby ever – laughed, smiled, giggled like a fool.

    She isn’t a big fan of strangers. My MIL was really put out that Tessa didn’t instantly love her. She spent much of her visit giving me disapproving looks and lectures about how I needed to nip this in the bud because it was going to be less cute when she was 3 and wouldn’t go to anyone but me. Bite me MIL. There was actually a somewhat ugly incident that caused her to quit speaking to me within 5 hours of her arrival. Heh. Times like that I wish my blog was anon.

    She self soothes by sucking her index and middle fingers. Constantly.

    Okay, now that I’ve written my own post in your comments I’ll shut up.

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