I like to bring my opinions on products I use here, but only because I feel strongly about them enough to either warn you to save your money for that martini or four; or to advice you of something I’ve found that works. I don’t get paid or asked to promote anything on my blog. Much like Suz does with her “Things That Don’t Suck”, except she includes fun little snippets prior to the big reveal. Me? I don’t do fun and while I’ve tried, I have a heck of a time blogging in “snippets”. I’m freakishly long-winded.

I thought I would give Seventh Generationlaundry soap a try. I thought it’d make me feel more “green” as we disposed our dirty laundry and the soap that comes with it into our septic system, and ultimately, the leech field. While the stuff rinses out and leaves no perfume after-smell, it doesn’t clean very well, either. A bit of a problem when it’s supposed to be detergent. If I don’t pretreat even the smallest of “stains” (let’s say a wet cheerio smear), it doesn’t come out in the wash. I’ll be going back to Tide.

Socks are a staple with babies, much like diapers. I have lots of different kinds. If you want a fashion statement, definitely go with Trumpettes. The only downside to them is that while they say 0-12 in size, it’s more accurate to get them for a 2-9 month old for the best fit. After that, I have to confess my undying loyalty to Old Navy’s baby/toddler socks, specifically the kind I linked to. They are thick and cushiony and so inexpensive!

By the way, we did end up buying a Britax Marathon carseat. I can’t yet review it because it’s sitting on the garage floor as Mr. DD’s thought it would be a simple snap-in installment. It’s not. Actually, he’s a great procrastinator.

And lastly, I have to add that while I really liked using when ZGirl was itty-bitty because it meant that I didn’t have to leave the house for necessities, nor did I have to wait an eternity for Mr. DD to come home after running to the store and getting distracted by some kind of manly product of one kind or another, I have found their prices do not qualify as bargains, even without paying tax.

There you go: one very wordy review of a few things I’ve used personally. Plus this gets me out of a real post for another couple of days.

11 thoughts on “SOAP AND SOCKS”

  1. Since Shamore has mammoth sized feet I STRUGGLE to find socks that fit him. O.N. work well, but only if I can get the “plusher” version. Gap are alright. He can not wear most footie outfits because of the above mentioned feet, so I spent calculable time putting those G.D. (can I swear on your blog even though you banned it??) socks back on.

  2. I was sent a couple of pairs of those old navy socks. they are cute. but one question. How the hell is anyone able to keep socks on their baby’s feet? seriously I have 4 little feet to keep covered and you can count on it that at any given time only seeing 1 of those 4 feet covered with a sock. Hot glue guns aside how do you do it?

    and another question just because i’m here and hey why not. Why wont old navy send internationally? it sucks but no amount of begging and or pleading will get them to send OS.

  3. I got some of those thicker old navy socks and those were great as were the zutano socks. Nothing beat those Trumpettes though.

    After Ellie grew out of Pampers swaddlers I started using the Costco diapers (after trying huggies, luvs, and pampers cruisers) and liked the Costco ones the best.

  4. I love Old Navy socks too, because they are some of the only socks that never fall off our feet. Especially our daughters’ feet. Definitely the thicker ones. Plus I love that they have grippers on the bottoms. Can’t stand when socks don’t have the grippers because it means way more bumps and crying!

    Good to know about the detergent. I was actually thinking of maybe switching.

  5. I’ve found that Gap socks (the kind with the really thick cuff) stay on best. Old Navy are good and cheap but more likely to fall off. was a bargain back when they offered discount cards–$25 for 15% off Similac and same for Seventh Generation equaled the cheapest I could get for those brands of formula and diapers. Now that they don’t offer them anymore, totally not worth it. Amazon is cheapest for Seventh gen., and Target for Huggies.

  6. I do not like Old Navy baby/kid socks because they seemed a little thin to me and ALWAYS wore out fast.

    I do love gymboree or gap socks though because they do hold up- to my kids that is.

    1. You must have used the socks that fold over or have a taller leg. I’m talking about the anklets. They are think and I’ve never had them fall off either kid. In fact, I still have a bunch of XBoy’s from when he was a wee toddler.

  7. I loved the Trumpettes, but they were small. Fortunately, I got them second hand, so there was no disappointment whatever with them! I did just buy some socks from Walmart – they were supposed to be 3 to 5 year size and they shrunk to newborn size. On the plus side, they stretch back, and they put the toe seam on the outside so as not to blister tiny toes.

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