After only two-plus years of having a blog on wordpress, I’m FINALLY getting around to posting my blogroll. Yeah, me!

Check your link to make sure it works (not everyone is on there yet). If you have an asterisk by your name, it’s because you have a wonky feed address in my reader and I’ll have to get to you screwballs later.

It goes without saying that if you want me to have your blog on the blogroll, you just need to email me if you’re the bashful type; or if you’d rather call me out in front of everyone to show what a ungracious hag I am, leave a comment.

As of this post, I’ve got A-M in. If you are in N-Z, keep your panties on (for those who wear them) and I’ll get to it sometime in the next two and half years.

Gotta go. Someone is pooping and clapping. That’ll be me in 50 years, “Thank Jesus! I’ve pooped!” The parallel universe won’t end there. I’ll also be in a diaper.