Ye’gods, people! 160++ links and I typed them in personally. Bow to my greatness (but please ignore the typos)!

I had blogs in my reader who hadn’t updated since early 2007. They were there because I just kept hoping maybe, just maybe… *sigh* Because their last post was, “this will be my last post,” it was time to let them go. Many others will remain because I am optimistic.

Brief overview: Alien blogs are those expecting. Diversions are those blogs that do not talk about vaginas unless in passing. The rest (Chills, Spills, etc.) are either miscarriage/infertility/parenting. Yes, I’m lumping them together.  Easier on my sanity.

Seriously, though, if you want free advertising to your blog I would love to add your link to my list of reads. I’m always looking for fresh blood. I mean that in the nicest way, of course.

Edited to add: Not to be presumptuous, but if you have me on your blog list and you think you might want to keep me there, would you’all mind changing what may be on your blogroll as T.K.O. …more or less( Punch Drunk( This time I really am NOT going to renew my typepad subscription. OK THNX BAI.