When I’m in a level Yellow crisis (ZGirl had just threw up on her bunting as we are heading out the door -she’s fine. Mucus + formula = upset tummy) and I ask you – with a PLEASE – to “get her green flannel blanket, in her room, in the dresser, bottom drawer, should be on the left” (verbatim) and once in her room call out to me that you cannot find it and then when I carry ZGirl with me, fearing she will lose it again on my work clothes and see you staring into the bottom drawer where even I can see the damn green blanket to which I say, “It’s right in front of your nose!”; you telling me to “Eat shit” was not your smartest response.

Your Loving Wife Who Snubbed Your Attempt To Kiss Me Good-Bye By Saying, “I Can’t Kiss You, My Mouth Is Full Of Shit”

9 thoughts on “DEAR LOVING HUSBAND”

  1. haha…Molly called your husband a dick. That’s hilarious. “Eat shit” is mean though. Naughty Mr DD, naughty.

    Your comeback was funny and very quick-witted of you, you clever old thing.

  2. Mr A. and LaLa want to know why I’m laughing so hard in front of my computer, in either case I cant tell them can I, what a shame coz that’s a funny one DD 🙂

  3. omg… if my husband so much as THOUGHT of telling me to eat shit- I would shit on his head- LITERALLY, as well as figuratively.

    I love the snarky comeback you gave him- but seriously, all I can think is “wow, are you EVER forgiving”!!!

  4. Husbands! I am down in my back due to some other issues that are incapacitating me (started with a flu). I ask DH to fill our dog’s water dish and he calls me a shrew! (He is not normally like this.) I swear, they are useless at times.

  5. Seriously, I so want to be a fly on your wall somedays. 😉 We do need to get together someday, somewhere, somehow.

    We should probably wait for Z-girl to be able to defend herself against my brute though. The black-eye incident triggered something and now she is even naughtier then before. 😉 She likes to sit on her dolls and then step on them so until Z is able to get away, WE would not be able to partake in the alcoholic beverages of our choice. 😉

  6. Poorly played Mr. DD. Poorly played.

    We once saw a greeting card (Far Side-ish) – the cover was a man looking in an open frig with nothing but boxes of butter all through it. And the caption was him saying “Honey? Where’s the butter?” So that is our joke when my hubby does that shit. I tell him it is right next to the butter.

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