I’ve mentioned a time or two how much truncated posts are my personal blogging peeve. Not that I don’t love those of you who do, BUT I have to be honest and let you know that truncated posts end up on the bottom of my “to read” pile. The main reason? I do not want a bunch of blogs in my browsing history, especially at work. A secondary reason is that since many truncated blogs have oodles of ads on them, they take forever and when someone – like me – lives in the boonies and requires wireless internet connection, I get a little impatient waiting, waiting, waiting and by the time the page loads, someone in my family is demanding my immediate attention with some crying and whining. It is not always the children, either.

I’d like to know what your opinion is on truncated posts (posts that only show the first couple of sentences of a post in a reader). And if you don’t like how biased I am, you could always write a post about grammatically challenged bloggers who don’t like the choices other bloggers make with their blogs.

P.S. There’s a poll imbedded in this post, just in case you had no idea where I was going with this.

29 thoughts on “A SHOW OF HANDS”

  1. I’ve explained my choice on tihs a lot, I’ve twice had problems with people stealing my feed and publishing my content on sites that I knew nothing about. I’m not prepared to have that happen, so I truncate. I’m sorry if it bugs you, but I’d rather have that than have my cotent misreprsented.

  2. I truncate because I had a lot of spammers ripping off my content. And it stopped once I truncated. I think that’s the main reason people do it. It’s the same reason why some people don’t set up an RSS feed at all–to stop content theft.

    So annoying, but the alternative was annoying too.

  3. I’d rather all the post was in the reader, but there are some bloggers who I only really get to when there are loads of posts unread, and then a preview helps me see which ones I actually want to read – if I had 10 full posts on the screen I’d lose the will to live.

  4. count me as a lazy arsed reader, I wont click thru and unsubscribe (bloglines) when bloggers ruin my limited net time but doing this. I did click thru to comment here and add my 5.9cents worth to the poll. I like it all on one page thanks.

    I’ll even go so far as to totally alienate people by unsubbing when they go private for the love of jelly beans what gives with that? not photo pages etc but entire blogs are they really so interesting and spy worthy that a membership is required to read? i think not.

    now sing with me, I’m a little ray of sunshineeeee

  5. I think you told me before mine are trunacated and for the life of me, I can’t change it! Oh, I’ve tried and can’t. Which kind of cheeses me off because my archives are the same way and I’d rather more showed. But I’m using a really old version of wordpress and am far too lazy to update it so I don’t really think anything will change. I’ll go check my settings again, but I make no promises. I guess I’ll just offer up an “I’m sorry.”

  6. Lordy woman, you’re always complaining!

    Listen, I truncate my posts because otherwise they don’t look as good in bloglines as they do in the real. I have a reputation to uphold as an artiste, don’t you know, I take time to upload little cute graphicy thingies to make my boring posts more seem more interesting, that takes time, gettit, so you don’t like it, bookmark them and wait till you get home to read the rest. S’easy!

    Now quit ya whining woman!

  7. If I want to read more I click, but I have to say I don’t think about it too much. It never occurred to me until you said it that you get more income because people have to click twice…meh, but even so, it still doesn’t worry me too much. Just might mean i only read half a post if there’s stuff going on and I guess I’m left with a vague, half satisfied feeling…

  8. Yeah, yours are set on full on your end because I’m seeing them on full on my bloglines.

    Anyway, I tend not to click through, nothing personal, but sometimes, I just don’t have the time. Sad, but true.

    1. I double checked bloglines and reader.google as yes, I do subscribe to my own blog and I’m seeing my posts in full. You may want to check your settings, which may be accidently set to “summaries if available” on the view option.

  9. Had to click through for the damned poll DD. But I hate them enough to click through and tell you so!

    I really really really really dislike them. I usually quit subscribing if they are truncated but I keep a couple that I really like but only read them once a week.

  10. Well we all know why most have them truncated…for the income generated from a click-thru. I used to have mine truncated, however I didn’t know it was until you asked me to knock it off. 🙂

    I am a big feed reader and don’t normally visit the actual site unless I need to comment. Or those who do truncate and I really want to read what they have to say. I would say that 90% of the blogs I read do not truncate. The ones that do I often will go see what they have to say unless it’s some add or review for a product.

  11. Hehe.. I had to click through my reader to get to the poll. Ironic, n’est pas?

    Now, I must get off the internet and start homework.

  12. I don’t use a reader. I’m an old-fashioned kinda girl. I have maybe 30 “favorites” and I click on them once or twice a say to see if there’s anything new.

  13. Hello? It’s me raising my hand back here in the last row.

    Could you please tell me what a truncated post is and if I have any?

    1. A truncated feed is one that is set to publish only the first couple of lines of a post if you use a rss feed to read blogs. If you have your favorite blogs set up in your favorites file of your computer, you won’t get truncated posts.

  14. I find them annoying. For blogs with truncated posts, I read about 25%-50% of their posts instead of 100% of their posts like the other feeds in my reader. I don’t get the point of truncating the posts unless you are making money off of your blog, and most of these people aren’t .

  15. Dude. You know how I feel. I find it irritating and I’ll only click through if it’s someone who makes my heart wear a smily face. Not someone who is mediocre.

    Man, that makes me sounds bitchy.

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