I want to like the the new show on FOX, Lie to Me. I really, really do. Tim Roth? Brilliant on the big screen, “I love you, Honey Bunny.”  Only two problems I have with him: I can’t understand most of what he says so I have to turn the close-caption option on for my TV (stupid British accents – speak English!), effectively pissing off Mr. DD; and every once in a while, Roth cocks his head in a way that reminds me of David Caruso on CSI:Miami, and frankly, I find that as annoying as hell.



(Sidenote: whenever I struggle to remember David Caruso’s name, I only have to recall the very first episode from South Park and the line: “Ike! Do your impression of David Caruso’s career!” “Aaaiieeeee!”) (OMG. That was 12 years ago!)

And then we have Kelli Williams. Remember her from The Practice? Me neither, since I never watched the show, but IMDB is useful when it comes to links.

Kelli, Kelli, Kelli. Her characther’s husband is cheating on her. She knows it. The rest of the characters know it, and I can’t help but wonder if the writers thought that they were bringing irony into their show by having an expert team of lie-sniffers ignore the fact that one of their team member’s spouse is lying to them all. On the other hand, how believable is it to write in a lying spouse in a show that sniffs out liars??

kellikellinewActually, my annoyance with Kelli is the hair. It’s 80’s awful (left pix). It makes her look older than me, and she’s only 38. In a recent episode, (right pix) after enough complaints must have been made over the crusty and poorly constructed feathered ‘do, she sported a modern, if not uninspiring style.

My husband’s happy about the change. I’m no longer screaming, “Brush out that horrid rat’s nest, you simp!” every time she steps into a scene. Unfortunately, it was a temporary change, or else the next episode is out of order, because the old hair-style is back.


This post had been sitting in my draft pile for a while and since no one out there seems to be in the mood to comment, even though I have given you the opportunity to hijack comments; or posted pictures of the adorableness that is my daughter, I thought I might as well publish this since it is completely and equally uninspiring and one less draft I need to look at.

You are welcome.

9 thoughts on “LIE TO ME”

  1. I love that episode of South Park! David Caruso is so icky and probably the worst actor ever.

    I wanted to watch Lie To Me – loved the premise – but they put it on against my favorite show (Life), so I only watched an episode or two. I thought the problem was that my HDTV channels have low volume on programs and high volume on commercials, so I’m constantly raising and lowering the volume – I didn’t realize Tim Roth was mumbling.

    And, in case I didn’t mention it before, ZGirl is quite the cutie.

  2. I’m sure you would understand me – honest. Now me I watch The Wire with subtitles which is ridiculous given at least 2 of the main actors are Brits pretending to be Americans

    Of course she is beautiful!

  3. Is that the episode where Cartman gets the anal probe? I used to love South Park. I remember coming across that on TV and sitting there alternating between laughing my ass off and being shocked that this was allowed on TV. Hehe.

    As for the other post? We were all struck dumb by the beauty of your daughter and the amazing bow prowess you showed.

  4. Firstly and most importantly Zgirl is more beautiful than ANY actress. If you were a little bit more of a stage mom, she could probably earn you some big bucks.

    Secondly, the main guy on that show is kinda creepy I think. He just sends out a weird vibe. I DO remember her from The Practice but I only watched that because I thought McDermott was hot. Someone told be Kelly is from some rich family that I am supposed to know…hmmm. Can’t figure that one out.

    I do like the idea of the show though….It has me staring at people to try to see if they are twitching or their eyeballs are swirling or anything to tell if they are lying to me.

  5. I will ALWAYS comment on the adorableness that is Z-Girl. She’s adorable. see?

    Pppffft. I’ve had new pics of my kids up since WEDNESDAY and is there a comment from you???? NnnoooOOOOOoooo. :::hair flip:::

  6. Yeah, I started to watch Lie To Me. In fact, I really liked the premise and I found it to be a “smart show.” But I just couldn’t get hooked on that main guy… so it’s been booted off the TiVo.

    And of course Z Girl is adorable.

  7. Husband loves that show and the 80’s hair on Kelli. He complained the whole, one show, that she had her hair straight. I still don’t get why she is putting up with the liar husband, kick his butt to the curb and move on. Did you see the episode where she told about how they were going to adopt but then the birth mother changed her mind? Just out of the blue the writers threw that one out there. Wonder if eventually the story will come out that it was her husband who ruined the adoption, on purpose so he would have no reason to be home and could continue his affair. I could write that stuff. 😉

  8. Suddenly I have the spontaneous urge to comment!

    Your daughter is beautiful.

    Kelli always struck me as someone who was either naturally too stiff or had been botoxed beyond the ability to act. I don’t get the appeal of the show.

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