Why is it I only think to chew a breath mint AFTER I’ve had an unexpected conversation (face to face, of course) with someone? I know altoids are powerful, but there’s no way they can waft back into time.

Speaking of smells, I hate/despise/loathe the smell of J&J’s baby lotion. I received some sample-sized bottles and thought, hey, I’ll keep one in my purse for those days I’m wearing sandals and forget to treat my heels. J&J is crap, et al. Gerber’s oatmeal baby lotion on the other hand? Yummmmm.

On the same vein as the halotosis cover-up, why is it on the day I decide to forego makeup and contacts, one of the visitors to the office is a hot, tan, skier from Colorado? I’m sure I made quite an impression:

marcCould this possibly be a case of Art imitating Life? I wonder if she has a line somewhere in the movie that goes something like this, “I just wanted it more, so of course it happened!” Whatever. You have to cut her SOME slack for marrying a living zombie.

Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to have a boyfriend/husband named Jesus?

  • “Jesus, you’re snoring AGAIN!”
  • “Yes, Jesus, I shut off my text notification from Twitter.”
  • “Jesus, I wish once, just once, you would pick up your dirty sandals off the bedroom floor!”


While drafting this, a co-worker popped up behind me and asked, “What’s Punch Drunk?”

“It’s what happens to you when you pop up behind someone at work while their drafting a blog post. Duh!”

6 thoughts on “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?”

  1. And that is why I have created a furniture moat around my desk. Ignorant people are always peeking over your shoulder when you’re drawing zombie faces on Mark Anthony. Jeez, do they expect you to be productive or something?

    Anyway, after 5 years of being the one everyone could see in our shared office, I forced some rearrangement. Now you actually have to look around some file cabinets and over a printer to see if I’m sitting at my desk. You’d actually have to come and stand behind me (i.e. practically climb out the window, because I didn’t leave any room to stand behind me) to see what’s on my computer screen.

    Doesn’t Madonna dating Jesus seem a little…incestuous?

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