I don’t exercise. I have a million excuses why including problems with shin splints, asthma, time, space, equipment, aversion to sweat, etc. The last time I routinely worked out was between 1987-1991 when I was teaching ballroom dancing for a living. Since then, I’ve been coasting by on my father’s skinny genes to keep me in the single-digit sizes.

I’m not sharing this to brag, so stay with me.

This weekend, even though the weather was shit, I bought some plants for my containers and dragged what seemed like a hundred clay pots and containers from my garage, and set about adding some color to my porch.

tippingOne of the projects I took on was my tipping flower pots that I plant wave petunias in. It looks similar to this (here’s the link in case you want to do your own. I can’t vouch for their method of installing the center rod as mine is a couple welded plates, so more permanent and stable).

Back to my point since I’m sure you’re wondering how this project and my lack of physical activity have anything to do with the other.

So there I was, adding my little petunia plants to the pots, working my way up from the bottom. I’m kneeling in front of the pots, transferring the plants and as I move upward, I have to go from sitting on my heels to full-on confessional type kneeling, and then back down again to retrieve the next plant. At the maximum, I only had to do this a dozen or so times. Mini-squats, if you will.

Today? I’m feeling the burn, baby! No. Kidding. I think that has to qualify me as the wussiest woman on earth.

What routine exercising do you do? Is it because you like to or because you feel like you have to? For those of you that like it, you’re weird.

12 thoughts on “THIGH MASTER”

  1. Super cute pots! Are those impatiens?

    One of these days I will exercise again. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I’m lazy. I do enjoy T-Tapping when I get around to it, and running isn’t half as hideous as I thought it would be.

  2. I USED to have a skinny gene. As a kid, I could eat anything and not gain weight. But as I grew older that aaaaaalllllllllll changed. Last summer I was a size 10/12, looking at some pictures of me in college and just after. I used to look fairly decent! I did the self challenge on self dot com and that helped to finally get back under 150. After plateauing for a while, I put a renewed effort into it and I just hit 145 (Whoo-hoo!!!). My goal is 135.

    I go to the Y Monday through Friday and do cardio from about 6 am until 7 am. Then I do weights until 7:30 am.

    Some weeks I only make it 3 or 4 days, but I try for 5. I really had to do this after years of sporadic working out and not paying attention to what I ate. That was the hardest thing for me – really thinking about what I ate. To get past the plateau, I started limiting my added sugar intake to 45 grams or less. It’s easier than I thought it would be, and it’s helping me get closer to my goal.

    I do enjoy the cardio – I sweat and feel so much better afterwards. It’s also the only time I have to read (on the stairmaster, elliptical or crossramp machines), which makes the time go by much faster.

    I’d recommend eating right and exercising to anyone – one of my main reasons for working out was so I would be able to keep up with my Aries son as he gets older. At 3 he really loves to run…

  3. My bike, an outdoor one that actually moves, its my thigh master, I highly recommend it!

    I don’t believe in dieting without some form of exercise , it doesn’t work for me otherwise.

    Those pots are fab, must do it myself sometime 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t call mine a skinny gene, maybe an athletic, fast metabolism gene? Although, I’ve kept 15 lbs of my pregnancy weight (Shut up, I know that Will is 3!) If I could just get off my ever-widening ass & walk or ride my bike I could drop it “yoost like that ::Finger snap::” points if you can name the movie.

    The other day I was doing laundry & went from the basement up two flights to the bedroom and my thighs hurt. SIGH, my problem is pain. I had ACL replacement surgery 7 years ago & i think I broke my new ligament jumping in the waves a few years ago. Plus, I had bone-graph surgery on my left ankle almost 20 years ago & I think that is starting to fail too. I walked to the park (2 blocks) on Sunday and yesterday my ankle was soooo sore. I limped around all day.

    I like the wave petunia idea, I may have to steal that. Sorry for the long comment.

  5. I’m another with the fatty fat fat gene. I think my fat genes, have their own little fat gene babies…

    My defense: PCOS

    I HAD the skinny gene before f’d up hormones went and bootf’d it.

    My solution: Wii Fit- it SERIOUSLY is fun!! And I’m sure I burn calories while laughing at other people coming to my house who try it!!

    I’m a total blimp right now though- fertility meds and an epic fail pregnancy have wreaked havoc on my poor bod. I have the oh-so-fun post-pregnancy pooch from hell, and with spending a good chunk of the last six months on restricted activity (that didn’t do any f’n good anyway) I’m buggered!!! I get winded going from the couch to the fridge!! :S

  6. You suck with the skinny gene. I still love you though. Lately my only exercise has been up and down the stairs from 2nd floor to basement and back several times a day . Occassionally I am carrying almost 30 pounds of baby or a laundry basket full of laundry.

  7. I don’t have a skinny gene, but I do have a heart disease/type II diabetes/osteoporosis gene (or three), which means I REALLY need to exercise. Plus, I unfortunately have a husband with the skinny gene, a bossy nature, and an appearance obsession. The only thing that makes me actually lose weight is running, which I can’t really do much of, since I have running-induced asthma. So I walk in the mornings before work (with a little running thrown in), and on the weekends, I mow the lawn and do some crunches.

    Before I got pregnant, I could do as many push ups as my age (37), and they were boy push ups too! Since then, I get winded making one pass on the front lawn with the lawn mower. Sigh.

    On the plus side, I think I’m the lightest person in my workplace (but that’s not saying much).

  8. I could really go for a skinny gene right about now. I have a fatty fat fat gene compounded by laziness. My exercise routine right now consists of walking to buy my lunch, even though I have a contraction every time I do so.

    I haven’t belonged to a gym in ages because I hate the gym and figured it was a waste of money with how seldom I went. Apparently, I went often enough to keep from completely blowing up, which is what has happened since I quit.

    Related: I am joing the gym after I have this baby. Maybe Curves.

  9. After being released from a 10 day hospital stay after the Squirt was born, I had lost 20 of my 25 pregnancy pounds. I have since gained 10 of it back. And I hate it. And I hate myself. I got a new elliptical and I have a total gym. I have worked out poorly for the past few months but yesterday and today I did 30 minutes of cardio and another 30 weight training. Tomorrow I plan on mowing the lawn. I know that I am never going to be skinny, but I have to be healthy for my kids and myself. Because when I don’t feel like I look good, I hate it. I could go on for awhile, but I don’t think that is your intention.

  10. My exercise regimen is as follows: occasionally, I say, “Man, I’m so out of shape. I need to get some exercise.” And, because I too have the skinny gene, someone generally says, “I hate you.”

    That said, I spent Friday walking–nothing strenuous, not a lot of hills, but for a few hours–and my leg still hurts.

    This is why, even though my daughter keeps telling me I should take karate at her dojo, I remain on the sidelines. Well, that and she’d wipe the floor with me, and she’s six. My ego can’t take that. 😉

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