The male residents of my home are both out of commission. Some call it the ‘flu, but because that’s completely erroneous. I call it gastroenteritis.

I’m touchy about it right now because 1) I am fucking exhausted. Up several hours last night holding my son’s head out of bucket and trying to remain caring and strong while freaking out that he was going to puke on the carpet; 2) I mentioned it to my family and I should have known better as soon as the words were out of my mouth as my Dad immediately concluded they both have the swine flu; and finally 3) my hands are so raw from repeated handwashing that I described them in a tweet as feeling as if I could feel each hair follicle pulse from the tightness.

With all the world-wide hype going on, you’d THINK that they would make sure to report that the swine flu does NOT bring on vomiting and diarrhea. Influenza – aka The Flu – is an upper respiratory ailment. Are you hacking up a lung? Are you having difficulty breathing? Are you so congested that when you blow your nose snot comes out of your eyes? Then you probably have the flu, NOT a GI – congratulations.

Are we clear? Good.

You know I’m next, right? And poor ZGirl…it’ll take a miracle for her not to get it as well and since it’s not the 24 hour variety (the gastroenteritis), I see a hospital visit in my near future.

11 thoughts on “SICK AND TIRED – LITERALLY”

    1. While yes, there can be vomiting and diarrhea with the swine flu it would also mean that if one is infected with said diarrhea, vomiting AND severe conjestion and other typical FLU symptoms, one MIGHT have the flu. But vomiting and diarrhea alone is a GI, simply put.

      1. It’s just that once you tell someone that you’re vomiting and the trots that everyone calls it the flu. It is not the flu.

  1. Weeelll, sometimes babies do get a version of a gastro with it, because all the snot draining into their throat makes them barfy and then makes their diaper contents look bad.

    But you are right, it’s not swine flu….and frankly if one more person shits over that event and DOESN’T even notice all the other things that kill them everyday, my eyes will roll back in my head and fall out on the floor.

  2. On the plus side, when you and zgirl get it, there will probably be much less whining and carrying on…

    My husband had it this weekend. He threw up once, had some loose bowels, and a fever. He was in bed from 2 pm until 8 am. Then he lounged around all day, and suggested I take the next day off of work because he didn’t know if he was up for watching our daughter.

    In contrast, when I had it, I threw up at 9 pm, and was up with our daughter at 6 am. (He wasn’t home at the time, or I would have been lounging in bed). What a baby!

  3. oh you poor woman!! there’s nothing in the world that would make me envy you right now… I can’t imagine the hell of having TWO sick men in the house. (they’re just AWFUL when they’re not feeling well aren’t they??)

    I hope everyone’s feeling better soon!!

  4. I’ve got it, too. You know it’s going to be a bad day when you throw up in the kitchen sink first thing in the morning.

    Good times.

    I’m off to Nyquil myself to sleep. Good luck.

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