I couldn’t figure out how the National Infertility Awareness Week slip by me or how come I didn’t ever recall it being this close to Mother’s Day when that was the due date of my first miscarriage back in 2004….

Oh. They moved it. That was nice of them to tell me. So it’ll be a couple weeks of emotional schizophrenia. Thanks.

So, this is my post dedicated to NIAW. First review this post and come back to the picture below as I’m not sharing it with you to impress you with my obvious housekeeping skills. You’ll have to come up with your own poetic waxing as I’m too mentally fried to do so.


6 thoughts on “ASYMPTOMATIC”

  1. Ok, so I didn’t follow instructions and looked at the picture before clicking the link to your old post. I thought that picture was of liquid fingerprints on a greyish table! Now, I understand that’s dust.

    I’m with the others. Put ZGirl back on the table and let her help with the chores!

    And, umm, move NIAW? Very strange. I wonder why they did that? (Whoever “they” are.)

  2. So basically, what your linked post was doing, was preparing us for this photo…a little dust.

    For heavens sakes, put socks on the girls hands and let her go to town!

    And, how can they change a week like that. Don’t they know we IF’ers are not all that stable to begin with? Don’t go pissing us off.

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