Don’t you miss the good ole’days when telemarketers were human?

It’s not satisfying in the least to hang-up on a souless recording. I mean, where’s the angst as to whether you should hang-up on some poor sap just trying to make a living on minimum wage as opposed to snarling, “No thank you!” when having your evening meal that you spent all evening preparing (by taking it out of the bucket and putting on paper plates) interrupted?

8 thoughts on “RING-RING”

  1. I take a weird pleasure in yelling curse words at the computers when they call, something I generally refrain from doing when it’s real people on the other end.

  2. I hate when I accidentally miss the 2 second window to hang up and then get stuck. I hang up and if you want to make another call you CAN’T because the machine doesn’t hang up and despite today’s technology the phone company doesn’t care that I DON’T want to have this conversation! (it happened last night, can you tell?)

  3. We get automated hang ups when the poor sod in the call centre in wherever cant get to the phone – usually identified by “out of area” on the display. Really annoying.

    1. Not sure what Modern Techie ID you have, but mine doesn’t come up saying

      I wonder if iPod has an app for that? The dumbasses have one for shaking a
      baby, so why not?

  4. Dude, you wait for the recording to start? I get the 2 seconds of silence that signifies that it’s someone I don’t want to listen to, and I hang up! Practice – your telephone reflexes are in need of training!

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