Did you hear about the woman who had twins, each with a different father? The partner was concerned about the boys not looking like him so he demanded a paternity test, and then when he finds out that ONE of the twins is not his, he’s all, oh hell yeah I’m cool with being their dad I’ve been their dad since they were born.

If he was alright with being their dad, then why did he order the paternity test in the first place??

He’s only cool with it now because the birth makes her some kind of medical freak show marvel and not only the proverbial cash cow, but the literal one as well – at least for a while. And that claim to get married some day? Yeah, right. I won’t be holding my breath. At the rate she’s going, she’ll be on Baby Number 8 (she’s halfway there!), the cash flow from the hoolabaloo will have petered out and, and current partner (Baby Daddy No. 3), won’t be so willing to claim another man’s kid(s) as his own when she’s demanding child support.


    1. I was creeped out by that as well. She had her 1st baby when she was 16.

      Maybe that baby’s daddy was closer to her age…which doesn’t make it much better, does it. Ick.

  1. My fabulous husband is coaching The Boy’s baseball team. One single mother drops her son off and then leaves every damn time. He comes off the diamond after batting and looks for her. He runs in from the outfield and looks for her.

    I’d like to bitch slap her.

    I am not passing judgment on every single mother.

    But I agree. Damn, it must be nice to be so fertile.

  2. I read this earlier- a friend of mine posted the link on facebook… I’m still stunned…

    Must be f’n nice to be so goddamned fertile… It seems nature isn’t so efficient at weeding out the stupid ones after all…

  3. I’m always amazed at these stories….I mean really, who wants to broadcast their real name with that kind of story?? And the kid’s real names? I just don’t get it.

  4. Superfecundity. Gotta love that word.

    All I can say is, how did she find the time to have sex with two different guys? She’s already got one kid. She must not work. Because work + kid + housework + sleep = infrequent sex.

  5. I thought I read that mom was the one who was concerned about their looks and had the paternity test (she being the one to rightly be suspicious). Oh and I like the “she has no plans to tell the other father.” Um, perhaps he’s going to figure it out. My biggest problem with this is of course that someone is that goddamned fertile.

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