I’m looking for some shoes for ZGirl (yes, even though I know she doesn’t really need them since she can’t walk and really what is the point except no girl should ever leave the house dressed to the nines without a pair of bitchin’ shoes to complete the look even if she is only 10 months old) on eBay and this morning, this ad popped up:


I asked Mr. DD why in the world would someone have JUST the one shoe? And why would you EVEN try to sell it on eBay? Wouldn’t that be something more in line with Craig’s List??

So he tries to make me feel like an ass by suggesting that maybe the baby had a prosthetic and only needed one shoe.

OK, sure, but where would one go to BUY just one shoe? (Yes, obviously – eBay. Smartasses.)

And let’s say that you really do only need one shoe and you go to eBay and voila! someone has just Right shoes…why in the world would you want two RIGHT shoes of the same style where one is new and the other is used (details in ad)??

Why am I even asking you all this?

Because it’s still really early in the morning here and I’ve got no one to talk to except my shoeless baby who is wacking herself in the head with a spoon. Silly baby.


  1. A girl I know from back home was born with only 3 toes on her right foot. She has to buy two pairs of every pair of shoe she owns, Sizes 9 & 7.5. Think of the extras she has!

    1. Sure, she has extra lefts which should all be in pristine condition compared to the right. But how would you explain it if she had two right shoes, same size, one used and the other new?? I’m picturing this person stealing shoes from displays and off of babies’ feets when mom isn’t looking.

  2. I have a cousin that has one foot which is 2 sizes bigger than the other. So he has to buy twice as many and can only use half of them. All the time growing up even.

  3. Before Kenna could walk, I kept her mostly in Robeez and the Mini Star knock-offs from Target. Also, Pedipeds but they don’t stay on as well. Once she could walk well, I moved her into Stride Rite, Pedipeds and See Kai Run.

  4. I am guessing that they stole all right shoes from shop displays??? Or is that just here in the UK???

    So sorry that we can’t get together in Cali. Maybe another trip???

    1. I think I’ll “use you” (for lack of better phrasing) as an excuse for Mr. DD and I to travel to Europe. That sounds way more exciting than entertaining any one here in Neeeebraskuh.

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