1. What? There was a weekend? It has all been a blur. TK has been a horrid sleeper this last week. Waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours wanting to eat. I’ve gone exclusively pumping because he stopped taking to the breast completely a few weeks ago and I’ve been reluctant to go to formula because of his reflux. Was seriously contemplating doing it though last night and then…he slept for 3.5 hours, then another 3 hours and what do you know, it’s morning. Although I still don’t know what day it is.

    I swear, every time I see a picture of ZGirl, it takes my breath away! Those eyes! Those cheeks!

  2. Saturday – more work on the clay pizza oven we are building in the garden. Sunday – took kids cycling in the woods.

    I love her eyes!

  3. Saturday was spent trying to get car seats purchased for the twins from Babys R Us. They were out of the one I wanted, so I have to go back whenever they get them in on the truck. Then we went to the oldest stepson’s baseball game, then an engagement party for the hubs’ secretary, then stopped by a friend’s new house while they were moving in and then out for prime rib and finally home again with swollen feet.

    Sunday we got the boys back from their mom and went to mass, listened to older stepson whine about how he has NOTHING to wear at our house because all his favorite shorts are at his mom’s so I left him with the hubs to do yard work and I made the rounds to some thrift stores so the poor abused 9 year old wouldn’t have to run around naked without his favorite clothes. I hit the jackpot at one of the thrift stores so once I was done there, I met up with a friend who was just diagnosed with high FSH and is trying to get pregnant ASAP so I gave her all my leftover meds from my IVF and then I went to another baseball game for the oldest stepson. We grilled out and chilled at the homestead.

    1. Glad to hear from you again and that obviously the twins are doing well. Good luck to your friend.

      And keep those feet elevated!!

  4. Saturday: Chiro appt, butt crack of Dawn, HA!
    decided to tackle the nightmare that was all my crafting goodness taking over my dining room, pictures to be posted on my blog in some century.

    Sunday: Finally, now that summer is almost over, took my winter clothes out of the closet and replaced with the summer clothes I could find, I know I have another tote somewhere.
    Mom made a new curtain for the dining room window.
    Played with the girl. Rolled my eyes at the husband, MULTIPLE times. 😉

    So what did YOU do?

    1. I was answering “and YOU??” from Cat when you asked at the same time. Now you’ll just have to go back to the comments to see. I should warn you, your weekend sounded way more exciting than mine.

  5. Saturday: cleaned bedrooms & did the “summer clothes-winter clothes switchout”

    Sunday: Church, grocery shopping, attended a Baby shower, attended our niece’s graduation party.

    And YOU????

    1. Saturday is a haze. I do remember going to Menards to pick up a couple salvia plants and then church that night, which pretty much shoots the entire evening to hell (ironic??).

      Sunday, Mr. DD and XBoy raced their RC cars. I took ZGirl to the track for a bit and then I introduced her to the pool. It took her almost an hour to finally loosen up a bit and start splashing. Of course, I got a nasty sunburn while shielding her.

  6. Her eyes are riveting!!!!!

    Drank too much on Saturday – oy. But being in the hot sun planting flowers on Sunday helped me sweat it out!

    1. I spent it avoiding those chores, which came back to bite me in the butt when unexpected visitors came by last night. Dammit.

  7. We went to visit family in Chicago…and spent some time with my friend and her children. She has a little girl who resembles ZGirl with her wispy blond hair and big blue eyes. It was a good time!

    1. Ah, but the beauty of partying on a Friday and being hung over the next day is having Sunday to recoup and prepare again!

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