I made tentative plans to go to BlogHer in Chicago this year. For those of you that have been living under a rock, it’s in one month exactly – July 23-25.

I booked the hotel; shopped for flights; forced myself onto a handful of other bloggers before finding one who took pity on me and agreed to allow me to shack up; and researched blogger card designs. Oh, yes, I was falling into the BlogHer line and getting pretty damn excited about it. It was to be my vacation, the first one in three long, arid years.

And then I lost my job to the body and soul snatching hospital, Faithless.

My husband said I should still go. We would make do, but out of guilt, I put any further plans on hold, hoping things would normalize.

And then my FIL got a wild-hair up his ass and made plans to visit his brothers in New England. My husband would have to be his chaperone/nurse maid. Guess what weekend they chose?

So I turned over my reserved hotel room where the convention was being held, to Aurelia. Apologized profusely to her for leaving her high and dry and sleeping solo. Fate was telling me, “DD? You and BlogHer weren’t meant to be this year.” Like the past three years, actually.

And then my FIL had surgery on his leg. His obesity and failure to follow the doctor’s instructions lead to complications, including a nasty viral infection. My husband, who also started making tentative plans for that weekend, doubted that he’d be making the trip. FIL insisted: yes, dammit, we are still going!

And then!…one of FIL’s brothers ended up with his own scheduling conflict. The weekend of the 25th was officially OFF the table. The announcement came this past weekend.

And THEN???

Oh, hell, I don’t know. Shit. You fill in the blank. I just don’t have the energy.

13 thoughts on “AND THEN”

  1. So toots, if you still want to go and just hang out in the hallways, you know that you have a room, right? Seriously, you are welcome to stay with me, I have no roommates, and I’m totally happy to have you back.

    You can still get into the parties, and lots of the sessions will be broadcast so gossip in the hallways is the name of the game, I think.

  2. You got farther in the process then I ever did. We can always do our own version of it if the fancy schmancy tickets for the official version are all gone. I am only 2 hours, less on a good traffic day, from there. I would love to finally meet you.
    I know that there will be some private parties happening, held by Chicago bloggers, maybe if we suck up we could get an invite to one of those. 😉
    Let me know if you are heading this direction as I won’t be able to pass up the chance to meet you in person. Hell, I am driving to Sandusky, Ohio on Friday to meet Catherine all because she posted that she wanted a serger and I had a dusty one in my closet. 😉 So two hours to Chicago is nothing to drive.

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