I did a ladybug theme for ZGirl’s birthday. By “theme”, I mean that the plates had ladybugs on them; her invitations were ladybugs and the cake was a ladybug. After that, I got lazy and just bought red accouterments.

I tried to get a ladybug cake pan, but they were sold out. Instead I saw a cake pan for sports balls (I feel as if I need to qualify that statement with the “sports” adjective as I’m going to be referring to my baby girl’s cake here), and decided that it would work better. Each half circle could be a small ladybug. The perfect size for a one year old to mash up.

2009 006Here’s the counter space I was working on. I don’t get how any one can bake neatly.

I was a little disappointed in that the instructions claim I should only need one cake mix to fill both halves. Not quite enough. If I had to have a perfect (sports) ball, I would need to mix up two. Again, no biggie since I wasn’t depending on feeding a bunch of people with the cake.

2009 004I outlined how I wanted the icing to be applied and then mixed my colors and started with the black filling in the face and the line down the middle. Then I came in with the red. I decided at the last minute not to make the dots on the ladybug out of icing and instead went with the mini oreo cookies.

2009 007The eyes were made with mini oreos, as well. I just scrapped oreo icing and piled them up on one cookie to make them bulge a bit, then smeared a bit of butter cream icing on them and dabbed that into blue sprinkles for the irises.

2009 008ZGirl seemed to enjoy it. Briefly. What you won’t be able to see is that after she demolished it, she suddenly banished it to the floor with a few well-aimed swipes of her hand. I swear she was bitch-slapping it.

2009 014That’s my girl.2009 049

25 thoughts on “LADYBUG PICNIC”

  1. Awwwwe you did a wonderful job on the cake and Z girl is just beautiful. I’m so glad her party turned out so well.

  2. Beautiful cake. Sadly my children have to make do with store bought cakes on a regular basis, since I am talentless in the cake making department. Pies I can do however, no one wants birthday pie.

  3. So cute! So creative!

    I’m so sad – Tessa won’t be able to smash cake because the child still refuses to eat anything that isn’t pureed without throwing up. Sigh. I guess I could put it in the blender. Heh.

    1. Michelle, you can still get pictures of her smashing a cake/cupcake even if she doesn’t eat it. ZGirl tasted the frosting but after that, she just played with it. She just doesn’t like sweet things, oddly enough.

  4. Wow, well done. I’ve already told you how jealous I am of your cake-baking abilities. Incidentally, my store-bought cake looked like it was overrun by toasted marshmallows. Whatever, the kid liked the little plastic characters on top.

    Adorable photo of ZGirl, and just like a cake photo should be at one!

  5. I ljust make boring old layer cakes – one step up from sheet cakes – but yours is very impressive! I also have a counter that’s about 3X the size of yours to work with, but invariably end up on the one that’s the same size as yours. But there’s always a mess when I cook!

    Happy Birthday Zgirl! Bitch slap that ladybug!

  6. OMG!! that cake is AMAZING!!!

    I feel the need to bow before your superiority in cake-making… I’m the queen of “cupcake cakes” in my little corner of the world- but I may just be persuaded by your awesomeness to try something new!!

  7. Too cute!!

    re: kitchen mess… I decorate cakes for a living, so imagine that counter x 30 feet of counter + 4 sinks full of dishes. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. It’s a darned good thing I like my job πŸ™‚

  8. Total prep time vs demolition time?

    I seriously hate that I am so jealous of you.

    Did you know that you were talented???

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