On the way to do some school supplies shopping (SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL!!! SCHOOL STARTS IN LESS THAN A MONTH) I had a horrible thought cross my mind. ZGirl has developed a crush on a stuffed animal, a Ty plushie given to her as a gift. Of course, that’s not the horrible thought even though it is a whole lot of pink and purple rolled into one and IN THE FORM OF A UNICORN!

Yes, I’m shouting. Too much coffee.

The thing is, we only have one of them. I need to be like Serenity who wisely has three of her son’s lovies in her possession.

XBoy’s “lovies” ended up being all of the cloth diapers we bought to use as burp clothes. I’m sure at one time we had a couple dozen of them about, of which one by one they would disappear. I remember one being left intentionally on the shopping mall’s tile floor covering a puddle of slushie XBoy had dropped when he was probably around three because at three years old we have to carry our own goddamn drink and then spill the entire contents all over the damn floor where someone could easily slip and sue the mall management. I actually had one of the shop workers call maintenance but after waiting for five minutes with an inconsolable toddler, I decided that losing the burpie, which was much easier to see on the floor than a melting pile of banana slushie, was simply cutting my losses.

Today he still has a couple left: his Burpies. One that is is absolute favorite. Probably because it has gone through the washer and dryer so often that it is now as fine as tissue paper and almost sheer.

It took a couple dozen of those bad babies to make it seven years. With that revelation, I knew that one beanie baby wasn’t going to make it through ZGirl’s formidable years as a toddler. So the hunt is on for one retired stuffed animal. I’ve already found a couple and will be swooping in on ebay to get them when the time is nigh.

Why couldn’t she have developed a penchant for a roll of toilet paper or a plastic shopping bag? Those, I have plenty of.

15 thoughts on “LOVIES”

  1. My brother had an elephant named Snoffey that was left behind in a store. That was over 30 years ago and I still remember his cries at night for his beloved Snoffey.

    G has a lion and a monkey for lovies and I made sure to find 3 of each. One set is at his daycare, one set in the crib and one set tucked away in his closet.

  2. Ah, yes, the blankie for our little son is an old pair of my pajamas. They are silky and from Target. How, you may ask, did he get that? One day he opened our dresser and felt them, pulled them out and said “MY BLANKIE”. We bring them with us when we go on vacation and I’m amused when he pulls it out to hold onto when we’re on an airplane 🙂

  3. Mine have thankfully proved super fickle. There was a small attachment to Mouse who was lost by the husband. When replacement Mouse was eventually tracked down she couldn’t care less and ignored him. Poor Mouse.

  4. My girl has no particular love interest – she’s fickle. However, my SIL still sleeps with her baby blanket – I think she’s 24.

  5. The Boy’s is a receiving blanket he brought with him from Guatemala. At seven, he is starting to get embarrassed by it even though nobody has ever said a word to him about it. He has to have it clutched tightly in his hand to go to sleep (but he doesn’t take it on sleepovers).

    I can’t believe we’ve never misplaced it. While it is thinner, it’s still in very good shape.

  6. Mag’s was a little brown bear she called Ojo. (She was a big fan of Bear in the Big Blue House)
    She actually passed it down to Will voluntarily! once she started Kindergarten. Big Kindergarten girls don’t need to sleep with bears apparently.

  7. I don’t think TK has developed any attachment yet, but if he has, it has to be his burp cloths, too! Sometimes he strokes it while he is sleeping.

    Your posts and the comments make me want to give TK nothing but burp cloths and toilet paper to TK. (You know, the 1000-roll kind you buy at the warehouse stores.)

  8. I have this horrible, awful, blanket that Alex LOVES. It’s DISGUSTING and I cannot get him away from it.

    Actually, I need to go wash it RIGHT NOW. Because I’m pretty sure this is where the cellulitis is coming from.

  9. I complained to my mother that the ONLY backup doggie (Carter’s, approximately $4 new) I could find for Buddy after months trawling all possible online vendors, newsgroups, etc. was a used one on Ebay for sale by an EXTORTIONIST for $50!!! I flatly refused to support such a lousy excuse for a human being by buying it, but then someone else did!!! Oh, the horror!!!

    The mystery buyer? My mother. Thank god for Gramma.

  10. I’m in deep, I’m mean the deepest shit if anything ever happens to K’s Monkey. I pushed the relationship. I begged her to fall in love with him… then she did. By the time I realized it and went looking for a doppleganger Pottery Barn stopped carrying the stuffed monkey of choice.

    Every time I wash Monkey I have a frank conversation with him. He promises to come out intact (I put him in a lingerie bag) and I promise to wash him in the delicate cycle.

    May your search for THE unicorn be fruitful.

  11. I bought 5 of my youngest favorite rabbit. We are down to 3 right now. I am sure that one is lost in the bowels of my home. It is nice to be able to wash one when the worst happens. I have hidden the extras

  12. O’s bear was given to us by a friend of my mother’s. When he developed an infant crush when he was 3 months old, the warning bells sounded in my head. And I immediately researched them – DISCONTINUED. Eep.

    So I found a website that had them and bought a number of them. And immediately put two of them into rotation.

    My nephew formed a crush on his sleep sack. Literally, every night, he goes to sleep with an old sleep sack which he rubs against his face. Isn’t much for carrying it around during the day like O does with Bear.

    It’s interesting to see what kids attach to, isn’t it?

  13. My oldest has a stuffed wolf that we bought on vacation in Yellowstone a few years back. He carried that thing to day care every day. We finally had to do a search online and ended up calling the gift shop at Yellowstone and ordering three more of them. He still sleeps with Jackson but doesn’t carry him around as much. I think we still have one fresh one left. My youngest has a lovie that we got from Tar.get. Its an elephant and he sucks on the nose so the nose is discolored. We really need to buy some more of those. I think I’ll pick up a few next time I am there. Thanks for the reminder.

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