If you were wondering if while shopping for fall and winter clothes you should go ahead and get that size 18 mos onesie? Take my word on this: don’t.

Onesies are THE DEVILLLLL once a baby is capable of standing and walking on their own. At this stage, I prefer the bag ’em and tag ’em form of dressing when it comes to the thrashing, screaming, feral girlchild.

6 thoughts on “OH SNAP!”

  1. Uh, yeah, I’m going to join in the Oh, Sweet Onesies, Never Leave Me! parade already in progress.

    Fitz-Hume has this annoying tendency to pick at her bellybutton and scratch her belly into red ribbons if she’s in a t-shirt. Oh, and she also likes to pull her diaper off and then run around the living room in naked glee.

    So…yay for onesies over here.

  2. Onesies for my daughter at that age= the devil!! There was NO WAY IN HELL she would stay still long enough.

    Thankfully it was summer- so she mostly ran around in a tshirt and little swimmers… and then started potty training- we totally missed the diaper diving- thank goodness!!

  3. I wish they made onesies in my size for winter – there’s nothing I hate more than a draft up my back! I’m with After Words – I also disagree. Once my girl was mobile, the blowouts were much less frequent, making onesies my favorite winter wardrobe choice.

  4. I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with this. When your 20 month old is really into taking off her diaper and, um, doing things with the contents, onesies are your friend.

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