Hair 1 Year Ago
Hair 1 Year Ago

Towards the end of this past school year, XBoy announced he wanted to grow his hair long(er). What the hell, we both thought. How long could it really get before he had to go back to school and conform to their appearance requirements of short hair for boys (not covering the ears or past the collar of their uniform)? We agreed with the understanding that once school started, he’d have to get it cut.

Open any catalog or magazine featuring boys XBoy’s age – 6, 7, 8 – and you will most likely see my son’s hairstyle. It’s longish, kind of a skater-dude appearance, and really what I would consider unremarkable in the sense that it doesn’t turn heads. However, he’s had several compliments from his peers on how “cool” his hair is. My kid won’t brush his teeth unless under extreme duress, so to see him take great pride in keeping his hair (relatively) clean and combed is impressive.

I’ll just say it: I like his hair long(er). He stands out amongst the children of Nebraskan conservatives on the playground.

Unfortunately, I find myself thoroughly annoyed with my in-laws, XBoy’s grandparents, who tease and mock him because of his hair. “Sorry to hear your barber died,” he says; “Do you need a little bow ribbon to hold your bangs out of your eyes?” she says.

I’ve told my son to not let their teasing bother him. As his parents, if the hair was a problem, we would let him know. I even told him that he should challenge his grandfather. Tell him that for $100, you’ll go get your hair cut. I tell XBoy that because his grandfather WOULD give him $100 for a stupid haircut, just so he wouldn’t have to be seated across from some hippie child when out in public.

How it must have annoyed my father in-law when in his youth, Mr. DD grew his hair to the middle of his back…

So what’s wrong with a little mild teasing? you might think. Then consider this: how would you feel if you had a little girl XBoy’s age who decided to cut her hair really short and then adults teased her, saying “You need to grow your hair out. You look like a boy!”? That doesn’t happen. Or if it does, it’s because those adults are bigger assholes than I could imagine.

And I can imagine pretty big assholes since the ones I actually know rank right up there.

My hair is short. Currently it’s much shorter than XBoy’s. If someone in my family – including in-laws – implied I should have longer hair so I look like a girl, I would schedule a G.I. Jane cut within 24 hours. I kid you not. I have no emotional attachment to my hair. I’ve never liked it and frankly, whenever I watch What Not to Wear and some chick is sobbing into her locks of freshly cut hair, I want to reach through and smack her. It’s HAIR. If you truly hate the cut, it’ll grow back. Jeezus. Deal with it.

0709vXBoy is developing his own style, and as long as it’s harmless in his experimentation, why shouldn’t we encourage that?

Preemptive Side-note: While someone could construe this post compared to the previous one as hypocritical (getting him to fit in when it comes to his smile, but encouraging his nonconformity when it comes to his hair), it only takes a couple moments of thought to realize that if he really felt uncomfortable with his hair, he could simply change it and the next day he’d be like everyone else. His teeth? Not so much.

21 thoughts on “BABY, LET YOUR HAIR HANG DOWN”

  1. Meh. It’s just hair. The bangs are a toooouch too long for me, I (personally) don’t like the hair hanging in his eyes, but I like the rest of it.

    I love his freckles.

  2. Oh please. That hair is no big deal! LOL. I’ve seen boys at Eldest’s school that I thought were girls because their hair was litterally longer than mine (shoulder length).

    Last year, at the beginning of summer, we let third eldest have a mohawk. It was a blast. He kept it for a couple of weeks, and then we buzzed him down like we do both boys in the summer. (Yeah, both families hated it. But when we spiked it and put red hair glue in it before the circus, the clowns LOVED him!)

  3. my 14 year old nephew has long hair and I don’t mind it at all. what i do mind is the constant hair flipping he does every 9 seconds or so.
    It is like a tic.

    1. AGH! Yes! My own nephew of that age does the SAME. THING! I wonder what would happen if he ever cut his hair. Would he still “tic” like he had the bangs? I’m sure he would for several weeks. Thankfully, XBoy’s bangs haven’t got that long.

  4. I love longer hair on little boys. The Dude is terrified that if we ever had a son he’d look like Kate Hudson’s kid given my preference for long hair, but I’d only let that happen if he was old enough to make that decision himself. I’m all for hair colour changes and mohawks though, so I doubt my opinion is of any value!

    1. When his hair was shorter, I did try to convince him to fauxhawk it AND put temp color in…he wasn’t keen on the idea. I’ll take this longer hair as an acceptable substitute.

  5. My son’s hair reaches to the middle of his back. The front just curls up enough that it’s not hanging into his eyes. I LOVE IT. I wouldn’t cut it even if he wanted to…thank g-d he doesn’t.

  6. Yes, I was going to say teeth and hair are two radically different things.

    I personally am not a fan of that longish look on boys simply because I get mildly annoyed at every throwback fad that comes around and I just want to shake my fists at the fashion gods and yell “IT’S NOT 1970 (or 1980 or whatever)! GET AN ORIGINAL STYLE!”

    That being said, he looks cute and even so it’s no one’s business to criticize a kid that young over his appearance.

  7. DD, no one is more nitpicky than I, and I think your son looks better with the longer hair. It looks comfortable, although if it were MY hair so close to my eyes it would drive me INSANE (but as it’s not, and he likes it – go for it!)

    I’ve tried growing out my son’s hair (he’s 3) which is kinda thick, and he just looks much better with real short hair. It’s a very individual thing – it took me years to realize that even if I get so-and-so’s hair style, I will not LOOK like so-and-so. I have to cut and style my hair so it looks best on ME. Same with our kids. As long as it looks good on them and they like it, I think it’s fine.

    I’m totally for trying to get $100 out of your FIL for a trim, though. It is hair and it’ll just grow back. 😉

  8. THANK YOU. I don’t get how people get ATTACHED to their hair either. It’s hair. It grows. You cut it. It grows back.

    And who cares if he wants to wear it long or dye it purple or buzz cut it? That makes him an individual.

    Hopefully the teasing rolls off his back. But if not? Then I think it’s perfectly appropriate to remind his grandparents that they should lay off him. As Betty M put it – one tease okay. But then shut up.

  9. Funny, Nat and I hashed it out over this. Well, no, we didn’t. He took my son for the first time in 8 weeks and cut his hair.

    He’s such a dillbag.

    (Ben’s hair looked like X-boy’s hair)

  10. He looks cute and honestly compared to some of the boys round here it is positively conservative. as far as I can tell they must spend hours and tons of product to get their studiously shaggy dos to stay the way they are. One tease is ok but then shut up in my view.

  11. I like the longer hair, although I would go with shorter bangs…especially if I could get $100 out of it.

    Hair non-conformity is cool. Teeth non-conformity is not cool. Unfortunately, that’s the way life is.

  12. I think its cute. I like the shagginess. What I don’t like on boys is hair that is so long all over (almost a bob) that it is hard to tell they are boys.

    BTW, how do you put the name and copyright symbol on your pictures. After the recent story of someone’s picture getting stolen off their blog and used in an adoption scam, I want to do something similar with my pictures. Thanks.

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