Michael Vick was making $35,000 a year as a shop mechanic before serving a prison term after he was found guilty for torturing dogs. After serving his time, another mechanic’s shop hired him.

No one in the community, much less the nation, batted an eyelash. Not so True story.

So is everyone in a tizzy over his reinstatement into the NFL because instead of only making $35K, Vick stands to make $1.6 million? Or is it because we are under some false impression that pro-athletes need to be pillars of inspiration to the community and its children?

I’m usually the first to throw any nutless, animal abusing, asshole under the bus, but I’m not sure why – out of the obscene number of wife-beaters, drunk-drivers and petty-larceners – anyone is depleting their reserves of indignant anger on this inhuman waste of space.

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  1. I’m an animal lover. But Michael Vick served his sentence, paid $1 million in restitution to the feds, and according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution he lost $141 million in salary, bonuses, and endorsements and is essentially insolvent due to bad judgment. Perhaps he learned a lesson. He committed a crime, he got caught, he paid his debt.

    Yes, perhaps 2 years was not enough time in prison, but if you don’t agree with the sentencing then contact your congressperson and/or senators and push for more stringent penalties.

    I say let him play football. I’m with Charles Barkley, just because someone is a professional athlete doesn’t mean he/she should be a role model. Tiger Woods should be a role model because he is a good person not because he’s a great golfer.

  2. dd,

    I was so embarrased when I firsted learned what vick had done because we live in Georgia and love the Falcons. We were over joyed when we learned that he got prison for what he did to those poor dogs but I don’t think it was enough and I also think he deserves to never be able to play professional ball again because those dogs can’t even play catch now. I love bulldogs I even own a pitt and she’s the most gentlest dog around. Sorry if this sounds mean but animal cruelity just gets to me.

  3. My thought is that there is absolutely no reason should he should be banned from playing football. BUT I was surprised a team wanted him representing their franchise/city. If it was my team, I would express my displeasure by not buying any merchandise specific to him and maybe not buying any over priced NFL tickets to watch him play. But I can’t find any outrage over this whole thing (of course he isn’t playing for my team LOL).

  4. P.S. I didn’t mean to sound so forceful but this is one aspect of society that I hate – the absolute idolatry that goes along with celebrities and athletes.

    1. Donna, I hate how society has put these bozos on a pedestal. Children admire these jocks because THEIR PARENTS idolize them. I agree 100% that if you are going to be in the spotlight, you should display some measure of decorum, but in most cases these celebrities do not. That doesn’t change the fact that while Vick is scurge, there’s no “technical” reason he can’t play again for the NFL. I don’t watch sports either way, so I don’t have to think about whether or not I’m inadvertantly supporting a deviant.

      My point is only this: if a person serves the time, once released he should no longer be judged by anyone but the person who decides to hire him and his Maker when the time comes.

  5. Seriously, like it or not, when you are a pro athlete (or TV or movie or pop star), in my opinion, you have an obligation to try to be a decent human being. Because whether you want them to or not, kids look up to you. One of my biggest issues with professional sports is that among their ranks they have some of the scum of the earth playing for them. I know this is a bigger problem with society as a whole, and I know that my refusal to watch pro football or go to games is not going to change anything. But I despise the fact that these guys can get away with ANYTHING and still be put up on a pedestal and allowed to carry on making millions of dollars for playing a damn game, while decent hardworking people can barely scrape by. What other ex-con do you know who is going to get out of jail and immediately start making millions of dollars? He has learned no lesson. He probably isn’t even sorry for what he did, just sorry he got caught.

    It’s a huge double standard for these guys and it really chaps my hide.

  6. Vick should have gotten the electric chair in my opinion. I’m only half kidding.

    The most disturbing thing about what Vick did is the fact that he now keeps company with serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer. There is something not wired right in your head if you torture animals the way he did, without an ounce of empathy.

    It is beyond disturbing to me that a person can commit a crime like Vick did and only serve two years. It seems unjust. I hope, at the very least, some big man named Lou made him his bitch for those two years.

    I’m only half kidding.

  7. Folks whose lives are in the public eye ARE kept to a higher standard than the rest of us. The movie Powder… I’ve never seen it. I will never see it (or anything else Victor Salva does) because he is a convicted child molester. Sometime awhile back my boss mentioned a brouhaha they had at his previous company when it was discovered that a cook in their cafeteria was a convicted child molester. My first thought was that I was glad the guy had a job and he was busing dishes for adults so no worries there.

    Are my views completely irrational, youbetcha. I’m well aware of it. It is completely hypocritical of me to think this way too and I know it. 🙂 But there’s a certain reality that people look up to celebrities. Even though they really shouldn’t. How many people donate to a charity because Oprah says so? And so how many young bucks will look at Michael Vick and think ‘well he got away with stuff I can too?’ Plus there’s a whole pathological view about money… yeah the guy who molests someone and is now a dish buser could molest a child again. But if he gets caught he’ll probably go to jail. Victor Salva… if he starts up again he could buy his way out of it. He could be on a plane to Thailand to buy underage boys right this very moment. Same with Michael Vick the foot ball player. Michael Vick the car mechanic… if he gets caught he’ll go back to jail. Michael Vick the football player well now he knows how much it will cost him and he he has the means to be that much more careful. (yeah I’m rationalizing. I know it. 🙂 )

    1. The thing is is that Vick DIDN’T get away with it. Now will some jackass think that two years in prison is worth being able to come back out and start where he left off? I don’t know. Was there a message sent when Vick went to prison for animal cruelty? No. I think he should’ve had to give two years of his life to an animal shelter. It would have been much harder for him to use the state’s free gym equipment if he was hosing down kennels and soaping up urine soaked animals and wouldn’t have been in prime physical shape at the end of those two years.

  8. I was born & raised as a member of EagleNation.
    I’ve had jerseys, beer mugs, stickers for the car window, the kids have had Eagles Jammies, hats, footballs, etc.

    As of last night, I think I will now be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I cannot, with good conscience, support a team that would hire someone with his lack of morals.
    Heck, my sister just emailed me saying that her daughter(12) won’t watch Zoey 101 because of Spears’ teen-pregnancy and she won’t watch High School Musical because of some pictures that were posted on the internet(??) My niece, she has high standards.

  9. I would have a personal objection to employing someone with those kinds of morals, let alone the fact that he IS a public figure and children ARE going to look up to him. But if I have a personal objection to him, I can choose not to support the Eagles. I can choose not to watch their games. I can choose not to buy their merchandise. I don’t need to waste my time thinking about it, I just need to do it.

  10. The Eagles are my team. Personally, I’m pissed that they took him on. Not for anything, but my city gets trash talk as it is… and now this? Sure, the NFL is paying for skills, business is business. But this is a hot potato the fans here don’t want.

    I’m dying for a Superbowl win, but not this way. I don’t care how good he is on the field.

  11. Seriously. The NFL is paying for his athletic ability, not his moral rectitude. Look at all the rest of the professional athletes who have questionable acts attributed to them. They’re like politicians, only more honest and open.

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