There are days that I get so angry and worked up, I can barely complete a simple task *.

I am angry that I have to consider a job opportunity 30 miles away. Maybe not a big deal to you city dwellers who are accustomed to a two hour commute one way, but this farm girl with a penchant for instant gratification will find the drive an equivalent of water boarding.

I am angry that the people yelping the most about the healthcare reform are those who HAVE healthcare. A (conservative) friend of mine said that the reform will just make those who don’t have insurance (because they are on Medicaid or don’t have a job) more likely NOT to get a job. It’ll “keep e’m lazy”, she said. Hey, that’s just awesome. Thanks for lumping me in with that group. So reward those who are on Medicaid by letting them KEEP Medicaid and let the few like me who don’t qualify for any healthcare without facing bankruptcy suffer for the many. Perfect answer.

I am angry that the people who proclaim their patriotism the loudest are the ones who love to throw around endearing terms like “King Hussein”. I get the whole “freedom of speech gives me carte blanche to spew my verbal diarrhea”, but don’t preach to me how you think this whole country is going in the shitter because of “King Hussein”. It’s going to the shitter because you’re an ignorant, fear-mongering, vitriol-filled, a-hole that does nothing but BITCH to anyone who will listen instead of educating yourself.

In addition to the previous paragraph, I’m angry about the endless and utterly ridiculous comparison of President Obama to Hitler. See both the Rude Pundit’s and Suz’s posts for a couple of succinct and eloquent summarizations.

I am angry that some ignorant woman believes she’ll carry her twelve fetuses to term and give birth to them NATURALLY and that she’ll get to hug them, and squeeze them and call them George, Jr., George III, George IV, etc., etc.. Actually, I’m sure that the healthcare in Tunisia is quite topnotch, especially since it must be an international hub, squeezed there between Algeria and Libya. Anyone else find it unbelievable that the expectant mother claims to be carrying six boys and six girls? I doubt that she’s even beyond 9 weeks, much less far enough along to make out the sex of each baby. I bet Suelman is pissed to be not just one-upped, but four-upped!

I am angry that while a certain Holy Roller Christian Blogger pleaded for forgiveness for stealing content from another More Famous Blogger under the guise of, “I just read her book and her words were so true!”, no one seems to have noticed that Holy Roller stole the words of another Not As Famous Blogger and since now Holy Roller is moderating her comments, her readers are faithfully continuing to follow her and stroking her poor, sweet, innocent head and telling her how wonderful and God-fearing she is and “of course we forgive you as you certainly meant no harm to More Famous Blogger who is siccing her evil minions upon you”… and I want to fucking choke someone. If she stole from two bloggers, she’s stolen from more and no one seems to care.

I am angry because I care that no one cares and that I shouldn’t care. It’s none of my damned business anyway, right?

I am angry that I’ve procrastinated until the very last evening before school starts to write my son’s name on 64 fucking crayons and sharpen 48 fothermucking pencils (oh, and yes, I have to get his name on them, too) and resist the temptation to just shave XBoy’s head bald tonight while he sleeps since there won’t be any time to get it cut according to the school’s policy before Wednesday morning! Not to mention that the yard hasn’t been mowed in three weeks and I am out of diapers. Well, *I’m* not out of diapers; ZGirl is.

* And dammit! Why the hell can’t I get two goddamned paperclips separated?! It’s not brain surgery!

…and so…

Just WHAT exactly are YOU angry about today?

39 thoughts on “MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED”

  1. Dad poisoned the minds of his children with his irresponsible television viewing choices.
    Among other things.
    Dad is liked, so expect the intent was not there. However, I suspect the same cannot be said for his wife.
    Case in point:::Neighbor’s driveway sidewalk chalk art consisted of a girl’s name, a smiley face, other innocent, child-like offerings.
    In our driveway our kids drew body outlines, like those one would find at a murder scene.
    And all his son spoke of was guns, hunting and killing.
    The father’s irresponsibility was manifested in the monsterous things the son said when he was younger. Just ask his former teachers.
    Her family’s extreme evil is manifested in the son who is attracted to wicked imagry at his young age.
    Satanists start by hurting small animals. I wonder if this ultimately is his path?
    A satanist and a sodomist.
    Accept loss.

  2. I’m angry at people who know nothing slagging off the NHS. Death panel garbage. My uncle – over 70 – is in IC at the moment after an op on a burst aortic aneurysm – after being rushed to hospital in the middle of the night. He is lucky to be alive. They will keep him in as long as it takes. No questions. No payment necessary.


    When my father was on hospice, he talked to doctors, social workers and nurses about end of life care at least every two weeks.


    No, it’s called respectful and compassionate end of life care. It’s called improving quality of life for the terminal.

    I’m angry at the people who get all frothy about euthanasia and end of life counseling. They don’t get it.

    I want to be all zen about it, but at the end of the day, the people who campaign against Death With Dignity and palliative care and counseling? I hope that when their time comes, they die afraid and in horrible pain.

    Maybe I shouldn’t beat myself up about that urge: It’s apparently what THEY want, too.

  4. I am one of the lucky ones – my employer is forward thinking, is self-insured, and we have good coverage for not a lot out of pocket. I do think everyone deserves decent health insurance, I just don’t want the government to f*** with my coverage. They say they won’t, but for some reason? I just don’t quite trust that.

    I’m angry that my mother has to accompany my 54 year old brother to every doctor/dentist/car appointment he has. WTF is up with that. I realize she probably pays for all of it, but can’t she just send a credit card????

    Maybe health insurance is the least of my worries…..

  5. For socialized health care: Blame Canada!!! bwhahaahahaha- really, it’s NOT the devil. Yes, on average, we pay more taxes than y’all down there, but it balances out, because we DON’T pay to see a doc for anything. We can get antibiotics yo!! Without selling our firstborn!! 😛

    My anger today: stupid docs who say for YEARS they are going to remove your tonsils then don’t… so you suffer and suffer and suffer with chronic tonsillitis/strep throat for like, 15 years before FINALLY you see a doc who can’t understand why the heck no one had them removed sooner… ugh… my throat hurts!!!! 😛

    As for the plagiarism: that’s just really really sucky. By all means, paraphrase/ quote those bloggers you admire- but don’t copy and try to pass off as your own. And then send some moronic hound dog “brother” to harass the person who called you on it! Boourns!!!

  6. I can’t wait for that free health care so I can stay lazy!! I spend my lazy hours applying for jobs I’m way overqualified for simply because they offer health insurance.

    And Matt WTF dude? Who cares if you saw DD’s comments on Tertia’s blog? Are you implying that she should be worried about that fact? I thought your issue was with those who made anonymous comments about the whole plagiarism deal. Your sister did something wrong, people got upset by it, why fuel the fire more?

  7. Matt, you really are starting to bore me. If you could just condense your comments into one crazy rant instead of multiple blah-de-blahs, I’d appreciate it. Even your sister would be embarrassed by your harassment. Seek God or seek help.

    Silly DD, I’m not harassing anyone, just practicing my right of reply that Jen told me about.

    I’ll leave the crazy rants to you, since that’s the apparent modus operandi of your blog anyway.

  8. I’m angry at my husband. I’m going back to work and trying to get everything in order for the kids and daycare. Last night husband has the nerve to say, “well I’m doing this for you” as he is installing new carseats. Really doing that for me are you? Because I was totally planning on squeezing my ass into those carseats. Yup those are totally for me. Luckily the look on my face followed by my ten minute are you kidding me lecture quickly got him backpedaling.

    As for healthcare, well, I tend to run conservative. Not crazy assed right wing religious nutcase conservative, just regular conservative. But can’t really comment too much on this issue as I haven’t had the time to really get the facts for myself. Definitely think everyone deserves good health care, just not sure if this is the most effective way to get it. What I hate is that conservative nutcases are so loud that they drowned out rational, normal conservatives that just want to have a regular conversation about concerns and ideas (yes we are out there).

    I hate that I can’t comment on Facebook ever, because I have a “friend” that will see me comment, know I’m home, and call me within minutes. I hate talking on the phone! And I can’t unfriend her, because she will notice and we run in the same circle of people.

  9. I am angry about many things, but right now I’m so tired that I can’t think about them.

    Hey, that’s one! I’m angry that I have to drag J out of bed to help with the kids almost an HOUR after I get up in the mornings despite the fact that he’s unemployed and could conceivably go back to bed once the kids are at school. I could get an extra 15 minutes of sleep if he was up helping make lunches and getting hair combed.

    OK, it’s not anger about the way bigger issues that are being mentioned here (and there’s plenty of anger about them also), but it’s all I can think about. I need a nap.

  10. I am angry at the endless lies spewn all over the net abut my country’s healthcare system. And most angry? At the idiotic death panel slander…..meanwhile most people in Canada can’t even get the doctor to admit they are dying and need palliative care. Stupid doctors just want to treat and treat and treat….sigh.

    Plus, most issues in Canadian health care are really about organization, or issues with rural health care vs. urban. Same as the US by the way….

    And I seriously do not understand the whole thing about the blogger who plagiarized. She’s apologized, yet she left the words up and her brother is still reading blogs and commenting and insulting people who criticize her illegal actions? My husband calls apologies like that, apologias, as in a defense that is not a true expression of regret, or a true confession of guilt. Either she means it, or she doesn’t, and God knows the truth, and will judge accordingly.

    And yes, I do care and am still angry about the theft of writing from the other blogger. Unfortunately, those other bloggers have to sue for copyright infringement, or complain to Blogger, not us. But good on you for being supportive.

  11. I rather enjoyed the little back and forth between Matt and you.

    I am angry with people at work who ask me for help with a client issue only to question the answer I gave them.

  12. I’m too tired to be angry. I have a toddler in the midst of his really terrible twos and a puppy that seems to be at the same place.

    Though watching my 25 pound son chasing my 65 pound puppy around the house does make me laugh…

  13. I’m with you on the right wing nutters who don’t think health care is a basic human right — and need! Because of course, they’ve got theirs. It’s particularly infuriating to see senior citizens loudly, angrily denouncing government-run health care for all — yet they’re happy to accept Medicare and medicaid, government-run health care plans. I think any senior citizen, or any person who intends to live that long for that matter, should have to sign a legally binding form to give up their right to Medicare or Medicaid on the taxpayer’s dime if they’re opposed to health care for all.

    And don’t even get me started on the right wing racist nutters spewing their hatred over President Obama. Scary and sad.

  14. Wait, what other blogger did she steal from?

    Enquiring Satans want to know!

    I’m angry because my family’s healthcare costs are 87% of my total pay (not after tax, TOTAL). If you add Sam’s salary, healthcare eats up 20% of our family’s pre-tax income.

    That is a shit-ton of money, right there. That is the reason we will never own a home. That is the reason I will never go back to school. That is the reason I can never quit my job.

    What it boils down to is that after taxes, premiums, co-pays, prescription costs AND the giant expenses that insurance doesn’t cover all come out of my salary, I am working for nothing.

    …and people are all het up about health care raising taxes? Are they kidding? Think about how high my taxes would have to be before I would even begin to give a shit about that.

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on the quality of care that my insane sums of money are purchasing. SCHIP offers a far better standard of care.

  15. Oh my.

    I’d throw around words like ‘pity’ and ‘pathetic’ for these kinds of messy content-snaffling situations, but it’s not worth the time involved.

    DD, I’m sorry your work got snaffled as well as Tertia’s.


    1. Just to clarify just in case someone misunderstands, my own blog’s contents were not ripped off (and who in their right mind…oh, wait…). Now if you’re talking about getting snaffled by relatives who even though are seeking their PhD and know that plagiarism is a HUGE no-no regardless of WHY, well then, yes, I guess I was snaffled.

      But yes, I did find other statements in this Holy Roller’s blog that were not of her own and found the original blogger’s post that she stole from.

      But heh! Why am I going on about that? I have a couple dozen pencils yet to sharpen and label!

  16. what makes me angry? pissant little people who feel it their right to bemoan and belittle others yet fail to understand the simplest of concepts… right of reply. take a bow matt.

    several weeks ago it was brought to my attention that “someone” was passing themselves off as me, complete with photos of my babies. that still makes me angry, copy me all you want don’t even think of copying the blobbies. strangely enough this person is also a happy clapper, coinkydink?

    Probably not lastly for today as it’s only just started this side of the world. but pass a prayer emails. they piss me off because each one I’ve received has been emotional blackmail with the thinly veiled “if you don’t pass this on you’re damned”

    what doesn’t piss me off, the word pissant, it’s my word of the day thanks matt.

    1. Enlighten me, Jen, as to how I fail to understand right of reply. Everyone has a right to defend himself or herself. If such defense is illogical and a poor rebuttal, it’s not my fault.

      Glad you learned a new word for the day. If you are one of Tertia’s loyal readers, Lord knows you need to beef up your Lilliputian vocabulary.

      1. Matt, you really are starting to bore me. If you could just condense your comments into one crazy rant instead of multiple blah-de-blahs, I’d appreciate it. Even your sister would be embarrassed by your harassment. Seek God or seek help.

  17. I’m not attempting to gain anything other than simply letting you know that your several non sequiturs on Tertia’s blog didn’t go unnoticed.

    Have an angry day.

  18. If the brother really exists, which is doubtful, the whole family was probably faked.

    Today I am angry at the sheer f@cking pointlessness of life. “How weary, flat, stale and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world”. By the way that was Shakespeare and not me. It is quite easy to attribute the work of others to those others.

      1. Not sure what you think to gain by repeatedly commenting here, Matt, but if you’re hoping I would reconsider how I feel about what your sister did…well then you’re doing it wrong.

  19. I’m not angry today. Check back tomorrow.

    I agree that it’s ridiculous that people are against improving our healthcare system. I have excellent insurance. I don’t pay too much for it. But I know that I’m exceptionally lucky, and I’d like everyone to have the same opportunities. Haven’t we all figured out yet that preventative care is much less expensive than responsive care? You’re still paying for the “lazy” people. If they had better access, it would be cheaper.

    Also, um, announcing 12 babies at 9 weeks sounds like someone’s asking for trouble. I have not even followed the link, because that kind of blind naivete makes me want to lie in a dark room for weeks.

    And the plagiarizer…WTF? “It spoke to me and I wrote it down.” Huh? Is your memory that short that you can’t remember where those words came from? I just shake my head at that kind of lunacy.

    No. I’m not angry. I’m confused at the crazy people who seem to be taking over the world.

    BTW, 30 miles out there in the middle of nowhere is like a 15 minute commute, isn’t it? Anyway, I did a 55 mile (one way) commute from the southwest side of Chicago to near the Wisconsin border. For 3.5 years. Fortunately, it was on evening shift, so I only had to sit in construction traffic. It’s not that bad – although I sometimes worried when I would not remember large portions of my trip to work.

  20. “She’s lying to her own damn family, for god’s sake!”

    Another baseless statement which is mere presumption. Got anything else?

      1. “At least my spewing is MY words and not someone else’s, Matt. Thanks for stopping by.”

        I’m sorry, I was expecting you to address me rather than my sister. Nice ignoratio elenchi.

        And you’re welcome. 🙂

  21. By the way, it becomes readily apparent from a simple perusal of your blog that the only person who is doing any “spewing” around here is you.

  22. I’m just angry at so many things today. I think I need to just go back to bed. It’s much safer there today….

  23. Interesting how pissed off I got reading the article about the 12 babies some three years after hanging up my uterus for good.

    I also did become infuriated reading the comments on the plagiarists blog – I SO wanted to leave a comment of my own, but you know it would have never passed being moderated. Uggh. So why bother? She’s obviously a very small person.

    1. Kellie, my comment didn’t pass her moderation b/c I didn’t bless her and whatnot even though I used my name and link to here, regardless of what her ignorant brother spewed forth. She’s lying to her own damn family, for god’s sake!

  24. I’m angry, but it’s about family stuff so I can’t share it on my blog. Anonymous blogs rock!

    Why do people bring guns to town hall debates? That makes me angry. It’s meant to intimidate. It’s meant to be mean. Come on guys, let’s not be crazy!

  25. I truly just do not understand people who pass others words off as their own. Because, if you are dealing with any sort of crap hand that life gave you (infertility, long term illness, divorce,etc) you usually have enough of your OWN words to use.

    You know what makes me angry today? The people who bemoaned the lack of heat/summer in June and July are now telling me how hot it is outside. Well WTF? It’s summer!! Deal with it!!

    Oh, and healthcare? I don’t have enough brain capacity at the moment to contemplate that lately. I will say that I think it’s insane that my HMO can tell the dr what they will pay him/her and the dr just says, “Ummm, ok”. yes, I like that I don’t have to pay the difference but I think the average person should get that kind of negotiation power AND it shows how inflated the price of dr’s services is…

  26. Wait, what big name blogger?! I am so out of the loop.

    I’m angry that once again I have to sacrifice my dance practice so Mr Oro can more than 4 hours of sleep before I leave for work.

    I too am angry at the healthcare yelpers. I pay $33 a month for VHAP (medicaid), my son’s on medicaid, and my husband, the asthmatic, has no insurance at all. My job does not offer health care and Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s premiums for just myself and Mr Oro are 1 1/2 times what I earn in a month.

    And the day’s only half over, woot!

    PS: I’m always enraged over NPR’s health “coverage”, which sucks lice eggs.

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