RASH (’cause I can’t come up with a more clever title)

Did I mention here that ZGirl has another rash of some type or another?

After her week off from daycare while Mr. DD was in Boston, the Sunday before her return back to daycare (this is important), I noticed little tiny bumps under her chin, but lots of them. A couple were even on each of her cheeks, above her mouth, and on her sweet little eyelids. Her EYELIDS.

We took her to the see the pediatrician right away who diagnosed her with a teething rash. Try some hydrocortisone and vaseline, he said. Since he’s not ZGirl’s regular pediatrician, I was skeptical. He’s always been off on her past diagnoses.

The days passed and they got worse. As I described on facebook last night, she looks like a PMSing, 15 year old girl. She’s a wreck. A hot mess. Not only that, the rash has spread to her trunk, groin and upper back. Like a prickly heat rash.

The daycare noticed that when she first shows up in the morning, she doesn’t look bad. By the end of the day? See the “Hot Mess” comment above.

HOWEVER, I have to admit that I don’t think this is daycare related. Remember how I said they started showing up after her week off from daycare?

It was suggested that it might be a yeast rash, which it kind of looks like. Another suggested was hand, foot & mouth infection, which I don’t think it is because the sores don’t open and she eats well (no inside mouth sores) and no fevers.

I’d post pictures for you M.D.’s out there (or M.D.’s via Google), but I haven’t had much time to do more than eat supper when we all get home for the day. I’ll try to later as once we figure this out, it might be helpful for the next person.

I did get some new detergent, dye and perfume free, and rewashed the clothes and blankets she was going to use today. We’ll see what happens.

OOOH! I just had another thought: she on whole milk exclusively. Could that possibly be it? Regular formula and she drank whole milk in limited quantities before. Her colon has been on overdrive as well, going from one regular BM to now at least 4 to 5. Thoughts? Opinions??

BTW, in 30 minutes I’ll be at the dentist’s with XBoy. I’m going to find out if they can give him something other than (or in addition to) nitrous since I think we will go ahead and get those baby teeth pulled, but not today.

7 thoughts on “RASH (’cause I can’t come up with a more clever title)”

  1. Does it itch, DD? I’m hoping Zgirl hasn’t picked up scabies from daycare. That would be very itchy, though, so if she’s not scrathing at it, it’s unlikely.

    I doubt it’s lactose intolerance personally, but derm isn’t my field. It’s uncommon for young children to be lactose intolerant, that’s something that develops in older people (to a varying degree) usually. And it usually manifests as diarrhoea more than this sort of rash.

    There are a bunch of viruses that can cause mysterious rashes in kids without them getting clinically ill, they’re harmless and the rash eventually goes away and it’s often never clear what exactly caused it.

    Good luck,


  2. Bumpy kids are no fun. Does it bother her? I would switch to Soy milk or even 2% & see what happens. Other than that, my Ped says, “Does it itch? No? Don’t worry about it.”

    1. I talked to my regular pediatrician’s nurse, and she thinks ZGirl should be seen since the rash is spreading. She said it might have been logical to assume it was a teething rash, but since it’s spreading to locations ZGirl can’t touch (her back) that it’s something else. She also said that if ZGirl was on milk-based formula, which she was, she wouldn’t have suddenly developed a lactose based reaction now. Appointment is tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Yes, but allergies DO spring out of nowhere, don’t they? I wasn’t born allergic to, say, juniper, but I am now.

    Could she be allergic to somebody she is in contact with at daycare? Not that *person*, but a product or food that THEY are eating/wearing/in contact with? That would probably be devilishly hard to track down or rule out, I would think.

  4. My friend’s son has a similar type rash and her doctor thought it was food related. Is she eating something at daycare that she might be reacting to?

  5. It sounds like an allergic reaction, kind of. I would definitely stop the milk to see if it helps.

    It’s not that likely that she would suddenly start reacting to detergent if you’ve been using it for a while. My husband reacts when I switch dryer sheets, though. Hope she’s better soon!

    Good luck at the dentist.

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