26 thoughts on “RASH (with pictures)”

    1. Tracy, I don’t know if this wil get to you so hopefully you’ll check back…

      It would appear that when my daughter gets a viral infection, it manifests through her skin. In other words, when she catches a cold or an ear infection, it shows up in her skin as this rash. It’s happened so frequently now that we can usually spot the rash before the runny nose and know what’s coming.

    1. No. It’s not blotchy like that. More like little pin-pricks, evenly spaced. However, I can’t say that’s not what she’ll look like after they start to go away.

  1. I can tell you for sure it is not Hand, Foot & Mouth. I’ve had that, and it doesn’t look like this. And trust me, she’d be really miserable if she had it. I like the suggestion above for tea tree oil. That stuff works miracles. An interesting clue is that it gets worse during the day. Which makes me think:

    – aggravated by sweat or light

    – aggravated by your laundry detergent on clothes she is wearing? > her sweat can make the residue on her clothes react with her skin

    – something at the daycare > do any other kids there have this?

    Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. My Sweetpea gets the exact same thing. It comes and goes. We just put hydrocortisone cream on it at night and cover her in Aquaphor and it is gone in a couple of days. It comes back and we repeat. Hope this helps!!

  3. I left you a comment on facebook last night, but will leave it again. Both of my kids got rashes like this and what worked out best for us was using a castille soap with tea tree oil in it. I just squirt a bit in the tub and then let Marjorie play in there for a while and make sure I get the “treated” water all over her body. When she gets bigger bumps I put straight tea tree oil on it after she is dried off. So far that is working. Email me and I can let you know brand names and where I have found the soap the cheapest. I also use either glycerin or the castille on her diapers and when she was little I used it on her clothes. Can’t hurt to try. It is an antibacterial and cleared up a yeast infection she has, the soap plus feeding her massive amounts of yogurt.

    1. I will let you all know as soon as I can. I’m really hoping he can tell me something definite and not “oh, some kind of allergic rash to something…” Cause seriously? That’s not helpful.

  4. I’m thinkin’ viral infection too.
    Will had something similar and it cleared up on it’s own. I *did* give him children’s benedryl, but since the rash didn’t itch, he just slept well.

  5. It’s not lactose because that’s all gastro symptoms, and milk protein allergy causes breathing issues.

    Any fruit or food related allergies are more related to rashes around the mouth, not the rest of the body.

    My guess is heat rash, or asking what she sleeps in at daycare and whether the sheets and blankets there have been laundered in something new?

    If it’s an allergy then benadryl will clear it up very quickly, but if it’s a virus, or heat rash then no way.

    After she sees the doc, then how about a dose or two of benadryl to check?

    1. Since she’s started napping in the pack n plays at daycare, I have insisted that she sleep ON and with the blankets I provide (why the daycare doesn’t have vinyl matts inside the playyards is BEYOND me!). Now they tell me that that’s what they do…but you know the history with my daycare: everything with a grain of salt (and a shooter of tequila).

  6. My entire quaifications are being mother of three, grandmother of three. I suspect it’s a virus, from one of those nebulous childhood virus families, expecially since it’s accompanied by mild digestive upset. Could last a couple of weeks, may go away as it appeared, that is, leaving first place it developed first, and will not be much problem except cosmetic. In my experience, an allergic rash over this much of the body will itch furiously.

    1. I would have to lean towards viral as well. The diapers are getting smellier and looser, and I think she’s experiencing some pain as well since she wimpers quite a bit before filling them.

  7. I’m going to pipe in with allergic reaction as well. Did you try a little hyrdocorisone ointment in one location to see if it helped?

    1. We did try hydro cort on her face when it was JUST on her face. We would put it on at night when she was least likely to drool it off. The next morning, there seemed to be no improvement. We haven’t tried putting any on her torso or back yet, which is where the rash just showed up two days ago.

  8. damn if that doesn’t look like my skin when I have an allergy reaction (I do often, and it’s from certain soaps, detergent). Having said that, the face rash perplexes me.

    does she have a blankie she chews on?

  9. chickenpox? Aiden got that even after getting the vaccination, and without being exposed to anyone I could think of.

    1. No word from the daycare that there’s been an outbreak; and ZGirl hasn’t had any vaccinations since her 9 mos, which was 4 mos ago.

  10. You know, it looks just like this thing that Millbarge had when we went in for her 15 month appointment.

    How embarrassing is that? Noticing a rash on your child’s face and neck and back WHILE AT THE PEDIATRICIAN’S OFFICE? That’s some fine police work, Lou. Jesus.

    So…I waited for the doctor to say something about The Horrible Rash, and she examined Millbarge very carefully and thoroughly and said not one word, and two days later, it was gone. In her case, I think it was heat rash.

    I know. Not helpful. I’m just saying, at least you didn’t notice this while undressing your child for the height/weight check. That’s some awkward shit, there.

  11. The shoulder one looks like what my daughter got when I used the detergent with bleach in it on her clothes. I would say it’s an allergy rash, but aren’t most of them anyway? Did you stop giving her milk? Did you change anything else in her diet?

    Also, I wouldn’t actually switch detergents right away, because even if it’s “free and clear” it’s different than what she’s used to. I use Wisk, which is apparently quite harsh, but it doesn’t give me hives like Purex or Tide (any variety).

    She does have beautiful blue eyes, doesn’t she?

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