I embarrassed to admit that I am a sucker for baby girl’s clothes. The tights. The baby dresses with matching undies. The shoes. Oh, yes, the shoes! OK, so I’m actually not a sucker for BUYING the clothes, but I find myself weakening considerably when I walk past Baby Gap. And she only has three pairs of shoes.

It wasn’t that long ago that I found a pair of these jeans for ZGirl. Cute, right?

2009 006

But jeans can be stiff and scratchy and hot and just…ugh! for the little goobers. Still, cute.

But these jeans aren’t really jeans. They’re stretchy leggings, boot cut. I love boot-cut. They make the diaper butt look smaller. True for adults as well.

2009 008

I loved these “jeans” so much that I went back to the store and picked up sizes 24 mos (really? 24 mos? What’s wrong with 2T?) 3T and 4T.

The price for such an acquisition?



Here’s the secret: the store is unfortunately The Mecca for the Mental; A Bastion of the Bat Shit Crazy; The Interior Designs Supplier for the Double Wide.


Don’t judge.

Let me distract you from my brief lapse in sanity. Look! Cuteness that is my little Rocker Girl!  And yes, that is a drum stick in her hand. We start ’em young here. By the way? Shirt, courtesy of the Baby Boy’s department at Target.

2009 007

8 thoughts on “BABY JEAN, THAT’S MY GIRL”

  1. I always buy kids clothes at WalMart. I can’t see spending $16.00 for a pair of G*p jeans for a kid who’s going to outgrow them in 4 months. Some of their stuff is cute. Their clothes are ok, but the shoe department (aisle) sucks.
    Save Money, Live better, Walmart.

  2. All I can say is AWWWWWWWWEEEEE. She looks so sweet and I love that they look like jeans but with all the comfort of legginings. Go wally world.

  3. You will think I am nuts, but I have tucked away the very first pair of levis that S1 ever wore. When I want a good cry, I open the cedar chest and look at them.

  4. Ok, I have yet to have seen those at my Wally World or I would have beaten you to this post!!! Turtle needs some of those for real… I think a trip to Walmart is on for today!!

    BTW, I buy little boys clothes for Turtle to… if they are cute enough!!!

  5. You know the bonus of living in civilization? Garage sales for kids wear. Every weekend from April through October. $4 for jeans seems expensive to me these days. Sad. But then, I’m cheap…er…I mean frugal!

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