If you use a feed reader (Bloglines, Google.Reader, etc.), here’s a tip I use to remember passwords to protected sites.

More than likely, you will have an option to rename a subscription. Say for example, you could change “Punch Drunk” to “Self-Absorbed Hack”. . . If you wanted to, that is.

I amend the names of subscriptions by adding the password: “Punch Drunk” becomes “Punch Drunk: pw lilliputian”.

Now I can’t share my list of reads in Reader, even though I can share individual posts, so I could inadvertently and carelessly share a password. However, I would never “share” a pwp blog or post. That would be stupid. Don’t be stupid.

Bloglines does allow you to share your list, so you’ll want to be careful there.

5 thoughts on “DO YOU HAVE A SECRET KNOCK?”

  1. Ah, you are a clever clogs, aren’t you? I hadn’t even thought of that. Instead, I just email you every three months and say, “What is your password again? Dur dur.”

    1. I don’t share my list of blog subscriptions from G.Reader (actually, I don’t know if I could even if I wanted to), but I can share individual posts with others in my selected group, which is a great feature.

      I know what you mean though on Bloglines. I can keep myself private from the blog owner or other blog subscribers by clicking private. Reader just tells you number of subscribers, but you can’t click through and see how many are public or private.

  2. Last time I had to ask for a password the second time, I put all of the emails with passwords in them into a separate folder (called, oddly, Passwords) in my email file. Your solution is very creative and much more handy!

    1. I would save them in an email folder, too, but then I somehow ended up with 5 different emails and logging in and logging out to find one password was a PITA.

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