Between my last miscarriage and the time we waited to be matched to a donor, I threw myself into the new landscaping around the house. Breaking a sweat alongside one of my sisters who was suckered into helping me felt good after months of months of trying not to physically exert myself for fear of….who knows what…shaking loose a potential embryo??

04.21 front yard before (5)We started with the long side of the house in front. While I think the clean and symmetrical lines of an English garden are very beautiful, that wouldn’t work on a hilltop acreage with rustic, albeit non-mountainous, views.

Last summer, the second growing season for many of the plants I was able to get in, weeds took up comfy residence in my rock bed among my grasses, hostas and hydrangeas. I could barely handle pulling weeds in the heat, much less bending over at 7 and 8 months hugely pregnant. The area suffered.

This year, while it has been better, I didn’t count on ZGirl’s obsession with the river rocks. Not the playing part; the EATING part. Now, I need to give her a bit of credit. She doesn’t actually eatthem. She puts them in her mouth and then walks around sucking off whoknowswhat from them. Is she mineral-deficient? I wonder. These aren’t pebbles I’m talking about. There are river rocks the size of figs, so big that she can’t close her mouth big. And while I can get her to spit it out immediately when I place my hand under her chin, it just gives her that moment to eyeball the next rock of her choosing.

Do I even need to mention that now is a poor time to even put her in the grass to play because the sandburs that spot the yard are now seeding? Ugh.

The weeds in the bed are way down this year, but now I’m fighting another insidious threat: the sweet little wild violet. (picture below is stock to show the spring blooms)


*as I shake my torch and pitchfork in fury!*

2009 103textThis is how the space pictured first above has progressed – if you want to call it that. I had a tree planted between the two windows. This summer I realized that it just wasn’t coming back. In fact when I went to dig it up, it basically just lifted out of the ground. That’s how dead it was.  The problem area is mainly below the porch.

2009 099Here’s a close up of “ground zero”. That’s a 5 gallon bucket full of violet corpes and yet it seems I’ve barely made a dent! All that green stuff in the rocks that are not either hostas or ornamental grasses? Those are allllll violets. Seriously, these little bitches are running amok in my planting bed. Searches on-line for a solution only find me in the midst of some wild violet forum where someone posts a similar plea for help and they are all but tarred and feathered for wanting to harm the sweet widdle fwowers and suggesting the Flower Hater dig up the plants and give them away to all the Violet Lovers of the world.

If I had that kind of time, I wouldn’t be looking for a way to kill them. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love violets. My aunt’s name is Violette, but she’s not taking over my landscaping, either.

Do any of you have a magic solution? If the darn things would just sprout up in the field instead of my landscaping beds, I wouldn’t be beseeching you for your help.

6 thoughts on “SHRINKING VIOLET? I WISH!”

  1. I’ll take your wild violets over the crap I have growing in my Weed Bed – thistle, crab grass, dandelions and some other annoying weed!! Man I wish ours looked half that good!

    Seriously though hope you get it looking the way you want!

  2. Round-up! Just kidding – that will kill everything else too…so wait until those hostas are ready to split, dig some out and then hit it with the Round-up!

    I think the only way to get rid of them is to wait for fall, let them die back and pull them all out, and then be very consistent about pulling out the babies in the spring.

  3. Try vinegar in a spray bottle but put it on stream and shoot it down around the roots. Also, bleach does a good job of wiping those little suckers out. Works great on creeping charlie too. Just make sure you don’t hit the plants you like. If you get some on the leaves they will brown up. Whatever is on the killing list get as close to the roots as you can. Bleach actually works better then Roundup, at least where I have used it.

  4. I’d be interested in a violet solution also, I have the same problem (in WI)! What kind of tree did you plant next to the house? If it was going to be a big one, be glad it died because trees that close to the house is not a good idea. Love the hostas!

    1. It was a standard so it wouldn’t have grown more than 8 feet tall or 6 feet in diameter. I wish if it was going to die, it would have died within the year I’d have a guarantee on it.

  5. I have no idea how to get rid of them, but the kids keep bringing them to me as presents. Funny the message board violet people get in an uproar over something that is a weed around these parts.

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