It’s getting late and I’m crazy-ass tired and yet – I am compelled to post. Let’s keep it brief and get to the points I wish to cover, shall we?

1 – My MIL wasn’t able to get around very well this weekend, complaining of pain in her legs. Monday a.m. she was admitted to the hospital. She needs to have her hips that she had replaced 15 plus plus years ago replaced. Mr. DD has spent every evening at the hospital as now she’s been running an unexplained fever. Once she recovers from the fever, she then will spend the next couple of weeks in a nursing home until the scheduled date of her surgery since she can’t go home as the FIL is also recovering from a surgery from a couple months ago. Getting old sucks.

2 – XBoy has brought home work every day from school that he refuses to finish in school. This on top of the regular homework, which includes 20 spelling words, like “autumn” and “September”. Is this normal for 2nd Graders? In the three weeks he’s been in school, we’ve already had the note about pushing another kid as well as the initial note about XBoy’s belligerence in refusing to do his work. How many more weeks before school’s out?

3 – ZGirl received her one year vaccinations including the first half of the flu (regular flu) shot. Mr. DD and I spent that night alternating between holding and comforting an arched-back, screaming hysterically, and feverish baby. Remind me to tell you how the next morning I opened the door on her head. I’m sure it’ll be funny in a week or two.

4 – The next day I stayed home with ZGirl since she was still running a low-grade fever. I was in the middle of getting her lunch in the microwave, running a load of wash, running the dishwasher and we lost electricity in the house. A car accident somewhere down the line. I called and bitched to my husband since he has some sort of magical power to make it come back on again if I get screechy enough with him.

5 – AND THEN tonight Mr. DD announces that we have no propane. Even though our contract with the natural gas company is “keep full” (which means to come in every month and top of the tank). The company has done this not once, but twice before. Instead of calling them tonight and fight with them later over the emergency service charges, he will call and have them deliver during normal business hours. No hot water for a shower or the endless dishes or ZGirl’s or XBoy’s baths.

6- My own post requesting advice on how to get rid of violets garnered less response than a post I didn’t even write. I’m wounded.

7 – Mr. DD and I had a huge fight. Huge. It was about money. Or should I say the lack thereof? Not being able to find a new job is wreaking havoc on our marriage. Is that oversharing?

8 – We received news a couple weeks ago that one of Mr. DD’s nephews and his wife were expecting their first baby. This weekend we heard she miscarried. Now instead of sending the congratulatory card, I need to find a sympathy card.

9 – I’ve caught a cold.

Excuse the multiple updates if you get this through a reader. I blame life right now.

17 thoughts on “NINE”

  1. I think we had 5 spelling words a week in 2nd grade. Maybe 10? I’m sure it wasn’t more than that. That does sound like a lot. I’ll let you know in 2 years if it’s like what P gets.

    I know nothing about getting rid of violets. Having the dogs run and pee (hopefully not at the same time) all over the backyard pretty much took care of any weeds back there. And grass.

    Money is ever an issue at our house since J’s out of work. I don’t think it’s oversharing. I think it’s common.

  2. Sorry to hear about your tough week. Been there way too many times myself. The money issue sucks. Figure the lottery is our only way out of that one in our house.

    As for homework, I think when I taught 2nd grade 15 minutes was the norm (20 minutes tops). If one of my students routinely spent more than 20 minutes on homework, I wanted to know about it so I could make adjustments. In 2nd grade there really isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a ton of independent work so not sure what he isn’t finishing in class. Like PP, it seems like Fall and Spring were the big times when parents were having meds adjusted. Not sure if that’s an issue, but if he’s (or you) are feeling frustrated it might be helpful to ask the doctor.

    As for the violets, you could try having me house sit for a week. I pretty much kill all plantlife I’m responsible for.

  3. I hope margaritas found you somewhere over the weekend. I can completely relate on the money thing. We have the discussion every few days (when another bill comes in) about whether I should go back to work. If I could find something making NEAR what I used to, our money troubles would be gone. Alas…I really, really want to stay home. And he wants me to stay home. ANd yet…the bills. UGH.

    Sorry the rest of it was so sucky. If there’s ever a day when you want to meet halfway and do lunch or something, let me know.

  4. No elementary school child should ever get homework–have i mentioned how much i hate the current school system/curriculum?

    About not wanting to get into work? Quite normal for ADD kids because they have issues with change. They need to either always do the same program every single day, or they need lots of easing in time.

    Another thing to think about is the dose of meds he is on. Doctors and parents are notorious for underdosing. They stop upping the meds when the teachers stop complaining. But that may not be the ideal dose for him.

    I’m sorry about the vaccinations. I space them out, just because my kids always react badly. Poor little kids. Maybe something to think about in the future? Maybe she just needs a little less antibodies all at once?

  5. I had no idea what to do about the violets, so therefore no comment. (Who wrote the other post if you didn’t write it? Because to tell you the truth, that post is still sticking in the back of my mind.)

    Is it any consolation to say that at least it’s Friday and maybe next week will be better? No? Well, thought I’d give that one a shot, anyway.

  6. I didn’t comment on the violets because a – I like them. 🙂 And b – I wouldn’t know how to kill them. We don’t have them here. (I also like morning glories and planted them in CA, but here they are an invasive plant).

    Do y’all get fireflies where you live? This is my new obsession. (I saw them when in Chicago but they don’t live on the west coast)

    1. We get MILLIONS of fireflies, but the season is gone for them now. Too cold. I’m always surprised every year when they come out because it’s usually so windy during the day, but as soon as the sun starts to set and the wind stops blowing (late June/July), they are out in droves.

      Why don’t the live on the coastlines?

  7. Glad to read about number 2 – the number 2 on your list, not poop. As you know, The Boy is in second grade also. His homework this entire week has been spelling words like August and delectable. So, to answer your question, I guess it is normal. I was wondering the same thing myself. Apparently, in second grade, the emphasis is on spelling. Who knew?

  8. Sounds like you need a drink!

    FWIW – I didn’t respond to your violets post because I saw the pictures of what you’ve done to your yard – and was instantly jealous. We built our house a year before you built yours – we have 4 hosta and some ungrateful iris. No trees, no bushes, no violets. And I’ve got no one to blame but me…

  9. omg woman you need a vacation!!!

    That sounds like a shitty week to be sure!!

    I’m glad it’s still the first week of school here- I’m sure I’ll be getting the “notes of doom” as I call them shortly and then I’ll be able to commiserate with you about children who just WON’T do what they’re supposed to in school… /sigh

  10. Bad week, I understand.
    With all of the work/money/can’t find a job/almost losing everything problems we have been having for almost 2 years now, I understand.
    It is amazing we aren’t divorced. Stress isn’t a harsh enough word.
    hang in there, it is all you can do.

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