As ZGirl’s pediatrician predicted, ZGirl’s rash on her body cleared up within a week as did the other symptoms of a viral infection.

Unfortunately, her facial rash, which he suggested was contact dermatitis, a catchall for “hey, we don’t know what kind of rash it is or what the root cause is” kind of rash, has – as you can see – only proceeded to get worse.

2009 002

See how it’s even on her eyelids??

The picture captures one of the worst days. In the morning it looks less inflamed, but it’s definitely there. I try to put on a light coat of 1% hydrocortizone cream with a bit of vaseline over that, per doctor’s order. However, I haven’t seen any improvement whatsoever. I don’t know if it itches or burns as she doesn’t seem to scratch or rub at her face, except when she’s tired and she rubs her eyes, which is probably how it is getting transferred in the areas it is. At the onset of these symptoms, I did a little inventory of whatever I have changed. As I said in my first post about the rash, nothing has changed, except she’s on more regular foods and whole milk now.

We have her 15 month check up in a month. I’m not sure whether to ride it out until then or try to get an appointment with another dermatologist (which could take a 3-4 week wait anyway). I keep thinking tomorrow she’ll wake up and it’ll all be gone. And then I think it again the next day, and the next. It doesn’t seem emergent, but how long do we let this go on?

Thank goodness those gorgeous blues distract me.

2009 043

(BTW, the picture immediately above was taken August 24th while the first one was taken September 14th)

17 thoughts on “SKIN DEEP”

  1. Hi, my 15 month old son has the same thing, even on the eyelids. We took him to the dermatologist and they said it was perioral dermatitis and prescribed him Eliden. The medication cleared up most of the face but the eyelids are still pinkish and i’m afraid to put medication on the eyelids because he scratches his eyes a lot. Please update me on your daughter, especially if she does see the dermatologist… i hope she feels better… it is sad to see the little ones so itchy.

  2. Hi there, my 3 year old daughter have absolutely the same problem and it is even started similarly from some kind of viral infection, I’ll try “daktacort” on the cheeks but have no idea what to do with eyelids. Please let me know if you have any changes, or what did you do to help your little one.

  3. Hi there,
    I was wondering how your daughter’s rash is now. The reason I’m asking is because my son developed the same kind of rush under his nose and on his chin recently. It looks exactly the same as the one your little one has on the picture. Our 15 months appointment is in two weeks and I don’t know if I should call the doctor now or just wait for two weeks and see how it goes. I’m worried it might get worse though. Oh, and he resently had a fever for a few days due to some viral infection (as the doctor said). I wonder if that’s the reason. Did your daughter’s rash just cleared by itself out or did you have to seek help from a dermatologist?

  4. David had a food-allergy related rash. We gave him soy formula instead of soy milk, hoping for more complete nutrition that way. David got a rash on his neck, elbows and behind his knees when we switched full-time to whole milk at 1yr. This rash comes and goes for all kinds of reasons, but mostly for milk and ice-cream.

  5. Poor little girl! I hope it’s just one of those “looks worse than it really is” situations.

    If we’re voting, I’d have to check the “food allergy” box.

    Hang in there, DD.

  6. My friend’s son had a similar issue recently and the doctor said it was likely a food allergy but they were really perplexed because he hadn’t had anything new. Turns out it was tomatoes which he’d never reacted to before (he’s 2 and has had them for a year) but suddenly developed an allergy to. His rash cleared as soon as they cut tomatoes from his diet.

  7. I tend to agree with the dx of a food allergy. BabyA had something that looked very similar, especially when she changed over to whole milk. It went on for months, and would wax and wane. We changed from cows milk to Soy (her brother has an issue with milk too) and limited her tomato consumption, and she cleared up. She still can flare a bit if we have too much stuff with a tomato base (spaghetti, pizza, tomato paste in a cassarole). Just a thought. It really seemed to do the trick for us.

    1. How did you make sure to supplement lipids into your daughter’s diet when on Soy? I’ve thought about changing it, just to see what happens since this her skin did start getting worse once we went full-time to whole.

  8. Poor ZGirl. Samuel has had a rash around his mouth for a week or so now. We have blamed it on the fact that he is drinking from sippy cups now and is always spitting milk out of his mouth so his mouth is wet a lot. Please post any updates from the doc if you hear more.

  9. She is quite a cutie – even with the rash. I second the suggestion for a dermatologist. Although, you may want to save your copay, as I am fairly well convinced that no one has any idea what causes rashes – they just give you some kind of medication to try and make it go away.

  10. Have you cleaned your carpet recently? Does she ever get fevers of unknown origin?

    My son had kawaski syndrome at 1yr and it started out in a very similar manner. Though they have never actually linked the two together – we were asked over and over if we had recently cleaned our carpet and we had. It’s thought that the residual chemicals in the cleaner produce spores (similar to mold) which cause it. It took about 3 weeks to diagnose – and he got progressively worse. He did not have some of the tell tale signs initially like peeling feet and hands – it started off with a contact dermatitis dx from our primary doc. Just something to consider.

    1. Hmmm. Interesting:

      Her feet are peeling, but neither they or her palms are purple/swelling. I believe the feet peeling is due to a growth spurt as a couple weeks ago the same shoes that were too big now fit just barely. XBoy’s feet peeled with each spurt, too. No fever except the one after her vaccinations.

      And nope. No carpet cleaning. Hell, I barely vacuum the damn thing.

  11. In my couch potato doctor thinking, because it’s on her face? I’m thinking some sort of food allergy.

    If it were me, I would book an appt with a dermatologist. If you see them before her well child fine, if not, get the opinion of her regular dr and see if you need to keep the appt. Either way you will get some sort of answer.

    She is adorable, she has gorgeous eyes!

  12. Oh the poor (but still gorgeous!) little thing.
    New lovey? New pillow or cribsheet? Is it worse after naps?

    Too much sunlight? Sunblock irritation?

    I have no idea, really, just throwing things out there (that you’ve probably thought of already.)

    Hang tough. Lord, but she’s lovely.

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