1. Well please don’t do this. I will really miss not hearing from you and your sweet family. I know you must do what is best for you but we will all miss you terribly.

  2. Shit. I was busy the last couple of days having my head cut open and trying not to commit familial homicide. I just saw this post. I am still keeping you in my blog update list and hopefully when you need to say something REALLY NASTY that you can’t do on FB, you will land back here and make my day 🙂

  3. I hope you will reconsider; but if you don’t, I want to say thanks for sharing all that you have . I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. There is no way you’re pulling the plug right now. I have been walking around thinking about Pregnancy Pals ever since you wrote it and I’m not done with you. The show must go on. I went to bed last night telling my husband about Pregnancy Pals. Do you know how often someone’s blog is the topic of mine and my husband’s pillow talk??? Like NEVER??

  5. Nooooo – I just loathe the F=book although I do follow you there too. I’ll be sad to see you go from here. How about a break and come back and see us here later? Please.

  6. I’m really sorry to see you go. 😦 But you gotta do what you gotta do.

    *narrowing eyes* I’ll find you on FB. I’m gonna do it.

    But? If you want to come back? I’ll be really happy too. Like really REALLY happy.


  7. Oh no, dear DD, NOOOOOOOOO! Are you sure about this? Really really sure you don’t just want to take a little break? Really really sure you want me to join Facebook? Cause now I figure I must…

    Would hugs help? At all?

  8. I know where you live, you know… kidding of course. You do what you have to do. I can respect that.

    Aw what the hell, I know how to find you, my first “bloggy friend” You’re only an email away.

    Love you BUNCHES DD. Bunches.

  9. Uh…I’ve never done this before because I believe people should be free to open or close their blogs when they need to…but motherfucker, I just bookmarked yesterday’s post for the Roundup this week. Are you going to tell me that someone writes an everyday post that is that amazing and heartfelt, and then closes their blog THE NEXT DAY? Er…no…nopeies…pick a different week, DD.

  10. No. I still read, and I still need your support.

    I already feel like a gigantic loser being the last infertile without success, I don’t want to be the last blogger too.

  11. My stomach sank when I saw this. Please tell me that you’re not stopping blogging. I look forward to seeing my Bloglines with an update from you. I’ll miss your blog a lot and hope you find your way back to it sometime.

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