Don’t Call This a Come Back

Oh, aren’t I so witty?? I wish I could take credit for the title, but I can’t. You know who you are…

So here you are and you’re probably wondering what’s up with the change. Nothing, really. Too much baggage at that other place (which shall go unmentioned, please).

Everything’s fine, so no need to wonder if I’ve secretly been carrying on an affair with Hugh Jackman or if I’ve struck an evil alliance with Octomom and am now gestating my own litter. Nope, just felt like writing more. More about what? Why, about my son, who is almost all of 8 years old and who was diagnosed with ADHD almost a year ago and how we as a family work with that. Then there’s my wee, little daughter, a gift through the marvels of medical technology, who really is quite cheeky for not even being 18 months old. Yes, I did say “cheeky” and no, I am not British.

Let’s not forget my husband, who I’ve been married to for an eternal 12 years. I say let’s not forget, because sometimes he does drop off the family radar unless I’m peeved.

So I’ve selfishly snatched up the blog name that was dropped over at my other unmentioned blog (that we shall not mention), but now I need to come up with some nicknames for the main characters I discussed above. Any suggestions?

As for what’s next? Probably a lot of the same ole’ same ole’ that you’ve grown to love over the years. Let’s get this party started, shall we?


36 thoughts on “Don’t Call This a Come Back”

  1. woohoo looketyou all nice and new and fancy pantsy! thanks for the invite muchly appreciated but you know like a cockroach or an unlikeable family member i’d have found you and taken up residence here anyway 🙂

  2. YES! YES! YES!

    Love it that you are blogging again and love that you are now blogging under this new title!

    Can I just type more exclamation marks to show you how excited I am?!


  3. LOVE it. Especially now that I have LL Cool J stuck in my head… “Don’t u call this a regular jam
    I’m gonna rock this land
    I’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm
    And I’m just gettin warm”

    No ideas for pseudonyms, but I’ll think on it.


  4. YAY!! You got me all smitten with the pregnancy pals post and then threw in the towel and I was like “What?! She can’t DO that!! No! Say it isn’t so!”

    I just put you in my freaking blogroll and now you make me have to update it already. Sheeesh!


  5. Well, with their fine Irish looks, I would suggest Seamus and Colleen, for the kids. As for the husband, hmmm…how about Abandoned Truck? Or Where Did I Put Those Keys? Or Sparring Partner? Mick (ya know, like from Rocky)?

    Welcome back!

  6. Love the new digs. Nicknames… hmmm…. I’ll have to think about it. Maybe prize fighter and junior boxer?? You could call them PF & JB… oh dear… I may have confused myself already. LOL

  7. Dear Mama Said, I’m so glad to see you here, sans baggage… I didn’t like the thought of not having your blog voice around. Didn’t like that at all.

    I don’t have any great suggestions for names for your cast of characters, because I am dog tired and am going to bed, but I will think on the matter. Just wanted to say welcome back!

  8. Call me selfish, but I’m glad that you didn’t let go and move on to 140 characters or less or FB exclusively. I also like the sly way you’ve tossed the nosey one(s) off the trail.

  9. oh hooray!! now I can stalk you some more!!! squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    nicknames eh…. hmmm… lemme think on it and get back to you.. I’ll warn you though- nicknames are NOT my forte!

  10. Is this for real? Because I’m very lazy and if I go and unsubscribe to the former not to be mentioned place and then subscribe here and you dump us all again I will be quite peeved. Not that I will do anything about it but I’ll give my you my quite peeved look which involves raising 1 eyebrow and looks quite intimidating.

  11. Whee, I’m so glad to see you writing again! You and your new blog are in my reader. I don’t have any witty name suggestions for the kids. Sorry!

  12. Ah shit. Another relocated blog to remember? I wish everyone wrote on the same blog, wah wah wah.

    I barely know my own name, let alone able to suggest some pseudonyms for your clan. What a worthy first comment this is.

    Party on.

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