Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

I have found that there are actually blogs out there that don’t blog about infertility.

*collective gasp*

I know!

The following list of blogs will help give you a little self-check if you’re ever in doubt about the way to act in almost any socially unacceptable situation:

Ugliest Tattoos (NSFW) is full of (what do the cool chicks say?), the AWESOME! but certainly not what I would consider safe for work, hence the NSFW.

Sidenote: It wasn’t until I clicked on a NSFW site that I realized what NSFW meant. Not awesome. That’s why I read everything through a reader.

Lamebook. You will feel much better about your own Facebook updates, trust me.

Awkward Family Photos. Good clean fun.

Then there’s STFU, Parents. I wince. A lot. I’m pretty sure it’s out of sheer luck that I haven’t found myself there. If YOU do end up on there, I promise* not to hide your updates out of embarrassment.

But it’s this last one that I just. can’t. look. away! For whatever reason, there is no title to the blog, just a URL (NSFW, either)

I’ll warn you that some of the posts make me alternate between almost crying, queasy, and very, VERY, angry.

The following photo example is a rather tame one (in comparison to the majority of what’s posted):

"becuz you need someone to spot the bargains on the bottom shelf"
"becuz you need someone to spot the bargains on the bottom shelf"

See the kid in the circle pitching a fit and mom just ignoring him? Yeah, been there, done that.

But WHOA! *double take* The hell?! Let’s take another look, shall we?

why a kida

Is that wo/man undressing? Maybe flashing a computer video camera?! Especially full of the WTF-titude considering that if you cropped the picture to just the woman in the foreground, it looks like a commercial shot.

* crossing fingers


6 thoughts on “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”

  1. The whythefuckdoyouhaveakid just makes me crazy. Do you know how many homestudies, references, cash and paper signings we had to go through to adopt? Yeah. Then there are these idiots.

  2. lol. I saw the Lamebook one, and thought it was pretty amusing.

    so, can I add another diverson to your list?
    I just can’t look away.

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