Set the table, please.

Well. I guess this means that as long as Aitch (My daughter’s blogname from now on. I’m sorry if you think I’m blatantly ripping off another “H”‘s nickname, but I’m not. I’ve been calling my daughter Aitch long enough now that sometimes it’s the only thing she’ll respond to.) is awake, I can’t be hiding away tap-tapping on my laptop’s keyboard.

Don’t you love how ambivalent Doodicus is to it all? “A baby crawling on the table? Where? Oh that…that goes on ALL the time around here…”

2009 034s

2009 035s

2009 036s

2009 037s

2009 038s

10 thoughts on “Set the table, please.”

  1. Neither Maggie nor Will ever climbed on the dining room table. The coffee table? That’s another story. Maggie uses it as a stage for performing her latest rendition of the Princess Song (Taylor Swift’s Love Story) and Will uses it a stage to practice his stage-diving.

    She is a little cutie-pie, trying to help big brother with his homework….

  2. Heehee…those crazy kids!

    Maybe you can tie the chairs to the table using bungie cords?

    Poke her in the eye when she does it?

    Suddenly break into song so as to alarm her?

    How about threats of life in a nunnery? That oughta break the habit….

    ok that was a terrible pun, but climbers are hard to deal with!

  3. That last picture, Doodicus looks like he’s mid eye-roll – like “If she gets in my stuff, I’m totally sending her flying!”

    I would be freaking out to see that – especially with a slate floor. My daughter was not a climber, and has a keen sense of self preservation!

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