Halo or Horns

I’m a whiner, complainer, Negative Nellie, belly-acher. I bitch, piss and moan. About everything and anything. 90% of the time, I do all of it on-line.

Let’s call it Literary Farts, shall we? Not so silent and OH so deadly.

It’s then quite fascinating to read the updates of some of my friends, whether it’s through their blog, Facebook or Twitter, who are shiny happy people. Yes, they fart shafts of sunshine. So much so, I squint.

(say SQUINT several times…it doesn’t even look or sound like a real word, does it)

So, which one are you? A Whiner or a Wonderer? A Negative Nellie or a Sunshine Sally? Why do you think you are one over the other?

No, you cannot say you’re a little of both. If you’re waffling, pick what you are today.

22 thoughts on “Halo or Horns”

  1. Sunshine Sally most of the time. My life has been so destroyed in the past seven years that now regular, ordinary days look miraculous to me. I can’t help it; ordinary life, days where I just wash dishes, change poopy diapers and no one has a severe crisis make me really, really happy. And I fart it all over the internet. Sorry, YYM. 🙂

  2. I’m a whiner. Especially today. Will joined us in bed last night & at 5:30 when the alarm went off, I reached over to pat his little behind & came up dripping. Little jerk pee’d in MY bed. For the 2nd night in a row. Then, after I dropped them at school, I stopped at the Post Office to collect the Company mail. I get back to the car & lo, the bitch won’t start. It did that on Tuesday morning also. I walked the mile (in the frikkin’ RAIN) & called Joe. He took it to the shop & was told that there was a “loose connection”. They supposedly tightened ‘er all up but maybe they missed one.
    An angel in the parking lot gave me a jump & I was able to drive to work.

    I TRY to be more positive, but it just never workls out the way I want it to.

  3. mark me up as a sunshine sally for this week, don’t get me wrong i can bitch moan complain vent and growl with the best of them. However I’ve just had 3 perfect days in a row including dinner out with the twins in public at a you know, fancy smancy place that uses tableclothes and real metal forks.

  4. I’m probably a whiner most of the time. It makes for better blog fodder and generally keeps people more interested.

    People’s eyes generally glaze over about the second paragraph of one of those my kid is so great my life is so happy posts.

    But write about how your child is driving you crazy or you might go all postal on one of your family members and people are all ears.

  5. And reading that comment, I sort of want to punch me in the face. I used to be so good at being bitchy – damn southerners, blog friends, and mommyhood have driven a stake through my bitchy heart. Sigh.

  6. Most of my bitching is done in a way that I find somewhat funny – so I hope to turn my grumping into someone else’s laughter. But my sense of humor is a little dark and twisted – and SO! MANY! of my online friends are Mary Freaking Sunshine so I feel pressure to be more upbeat than I might be otherwise. Left to my own devises I’m Snary Sally…in the midst of Mary Sunshine peer pressure I tend to be Silver Lining Sue.

  7. Hey! Do I get to be the lone Sally Sunshine?

    I’m a complainer for sure in the heat of the moment, but I generally have a positive outlook on most everything. Which has been a forcefully learned behavior to offset my tendency to obsess about stuff. Honestly? I figured out that I can enjoy almost anything if I try hard enough to (although some days it’s harder than others).

    Wow, I even sound annoying to myself with that paragraph.

    1. I’m glad you’re there’s at least ONE Sunshine Sally in the group. I was wondering if I wasn’t collecting a bunch of goth or emo followers. I don’t look good in black lipstick.

  8. um… check my name yo!!

    I’m a bitch. Today, I am a REALLY whiny bitch… Of course, I had reason to be. My daughter is driving me batshit (halloween= not as much fun when you have kids who are freaking over every little f’n detail of their costume you are making from scratch), I went out for supper with hubby and kid because we had to run into town (which omg- SUCKS) and the supper was AWFUL… really horrible awful, like barely edible… really…

    and I hate traffic- there’s a REASON I live in the middle of buttf*** nowhere- it’s to avoid traffic… oh, and jerks who cough all over the damn counter at the grocery store where your FOOD is about to be placed… oh yeah- THAT’S awesome… if I get H1N1 I’m gonna be in a water tower with a high powered rifle this time next week!!!

  9. You could have written this for me. I too vent most of my frustrations via my blog or FB. FB is toned waaaaay down though because it is most of the people there that piss me off. Case in point, I get this message from my SIL last week:

    “I’ve noticed a lot of your comments show me that you are very liberal and that you really don’t stand for anything. You have a wishy washy attitude towards most everything and you seem very discontent with your life.

    I know my purpose is to serve God and my family.

    I have a saying on my page that states that if you don’t stand for something you’re likely to fall for anything and I am noticing that to be true with you!

    I guess you don’t really know how you come off to people. It seems everything you’ve said to me recently has come off as you knowing it all. But in fact you lack a lot of knowledge on the most basic things that are going on in America right now. You chose that way of life, like I am choosing mine.”

    She knows me only by what I write on my blog and FB. The last time I had a verbal conversation with her was in 2003. And it included none of what she is talking about. Meh.

    1. Isn’t your sister lucky to know her purpose in life…I know mine, too, and it’s to heckle the people who think they know what their purpose in life is. Life is meant to be enjoyed and sometimes – for me – I enjoy griping about it. There’s no reason to go about life like a sheep.

  10. I’m generally just quiet. But, when I do get going, it’s usually a rant about some idiot.

    However, FB posts are generally positive because most of my FB friends don’t really know the real me.

  11. On FB, I don’t air my shit because I don’t want all of those people to know.

    Today, I have emailed and texted and bitched and moaned to everyone I know – almost.

    Online I edit myself because of my audience – like I can’t bitch about BigP on FB or my blog because he reads both…and that makes things blow up.

  12. I can’t say “neither” either, huh?

    Kidding. I just went back and looked at my most recent facebook updates. And blog posts.

    Whiner all the way.

    Power to the b*tching.

  13. Whiner for sure. I’ve been reading some blogs of women on bedrest who are totally thinking positive and looking on the bright side and all that, and it almost makes me ashamed for how much I bitched when I was on bedrest myself. Almost.

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