Revenge is a dish best served cold.

January 2009 I lost my job. In brief, it wasn’t necessarily an amicable parting. I actually went to the website that promotes hair plugs and clicked on the “send me more info!” button and keyed in my ex-boss’s name and work address.

I chickened out and didn’t submit. There are days, many, many days, I’m still tempted.

Yeah. I’m still really angry.

So yesterday when I got a letter in the mail from my employer’s fundraising committee thanking me for my contribution (the one I gave just weeks before the untimely torching of my employment) to the new addition being constructed, and as part of that thank you, each contributing employee will have their name added to a brick and displayed on a wall in the addition. The letter gave me the option to decline, accept the offer with the name indicated, or to edit the name. You know, in case you got divorced or married or you want your full name or not full name, etc.

Sparring Partner was reading the letter over my shoulder. What are you going to do, he asked? I said, do you know how tempting it would be to return the form with my name changed to “F. U. Formremplyr”??

He then said I should blog it and see what great names you all might recommend if you were me. I’ve also ruled out “Faith Sukkit”, a dig based the company name.

Ramp those thongs up and give it your best shot: what would be a great “name” given the situation? Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t actually do it, but hearing your ideas will distract me from going to the website for the little blue pill and submitting a request for more information and a free sample.